Celibacy un­nat­u­ral

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Vin­cenzo Sor­gio­vanni (Your Say, Sept 9) says you can’t blame peo­ple like John Stickle (Your Say, Sept 2) for

think­ing child abuse only oc­curs in the Catholic Church be­cause it is the only time the me­dia re­ports this ab­hor­rent act.

He ex­pands this con­spir­acy the­ory by claim­ing abuse of chil­dren is cov­ered up or not re­ported when it oc­curs in in­sti­tu­tions run by other churches, the State, Scouts, at sports clubs and by rel­a­tives of the vic­tims.

Vin­cenzo ob­vi­ously can­not ac­cept there are more re­ported cases of child abuse from within the Catholic Church than else­where be­cause there are more

in­stances of child abuse oc­cur­ring there.

What’s more, the rea­son why child abuse is so preva­lent there can only be put down to the fact that the Catholic Church de­mands celibacy from the priest­hood.

Celibacy is un­nat­u­ral and against the laws of na­ture, and it is there­fore lit­tle won­der that pri­ests re­sort to child abuse to over­come their frus­tra­tions. COLIN COULTHARD Goose­berry Hill

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