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| DEC 22-JAN 19 Mer­cury spends most of the month ret­ro­grade in Capri­corn but you don’t care. You make this crap work for you by be­ing of­fi­cially in­scrutable or — in the case of in­grate love-lust in­ter­ests — just un­avail­able. Be­sides, Mars into your so­cial sec­tor on Jan 3-4 morphs you into At­tila the Net­worker. Jan 6-7 de­liv­ers clar­ity around an is­sue.


| JAN 20-FEB 17 Any en­counter, com­mu­nique or di­a­logue from Jan­uary 8-10 may be sig­nif­i­cant. It’s Venus on Saturn and Pluto with the new moon in your soul sec­tor. You be­gin the year on a mad hustle, thanks to ac­tion planet Mars blitz­ing ca­reer from Jan­uary 3 un­til Au­gust. Those who called you crazy now claim to know you.


| FEB 18-MAR 19 Venus at odds with Nep­tune could evoke en­tic­ing public­ity or a dat­ing op­por­tu­nity, but don’t bite. Wait un­til the suave Saturn in­flu­ence of Jan­uary 9-10 to make any move that could af­fect ca­reer or rep­u­ta­tion. Mars in the vi­sion sec­tor in synch to shamanic Nep­tune is some­thing else again: a gen­uinely ground­break­ing con­cept.

Aries | MAR 20-APR 19 Un­der-worldly Pluto has been turn­ing you more ‘‘boss’’ since 2008; part of the process in­volves muck­rak­ing through your psy­che and stresstest­ing work or com­mer­cial re­silience. In Jan, as Mer­cury retro creates cover by ca­sual ca­reer chaos, Pluto ac­ti­vates Lilith in your re­la­tion­ship sec­tor. You know what you need to do in biz.

Tau­rus | APR 20-MAY 20 Don’t let Venus square Nep­tune this week lure you down a love zom­bie path. Fix your goo-goo bed­room eyes firmly on the (bright) fu­ture and real prospects. Jan­uary 19 un­til Feb is an amaz­ing Mars-Nep­tune-Jupiter blast. Trips, prom­ises and out-there of­fers that buzz in from nowhere may be a folly; don’t snatch. Stay poised.

Gem­ini | MAY 21-JUN 20 Mer­cury retro in Capri­corn re­quires that you pre­tend to be a Capri­corn for the month. No­body un­vet­ted makes it into your in­ner cir­cles. No sud­den-on­set new ‘‘best friends’’. No ex­penses that in­volve delu­sional fi­nan­cials should be avoided with your ac­coun­tant. No se­crets. No “com­pli­cated” re­la­tion­ship.


| JUN 21-JUL 22 You may groan at the re­al­i­sa­tion that you start the cal­en­dar year with retro-Mer­cury in your op­po­site sign but see that as a cue to re­vise cer­tain key as­sump­tions, and in­put from part­ners that may have been flawed, bi­ased. Then pick up on how ac­tion planet Mars is a fan­tas­tic sup­port player, prompt­ing in­no­va­tion.


| JUL 23-AUG 22 Venus con­junct Saturn on Jan­uary 910 is in­dica­tive for your love life. Art too. Don’t hustle too hard be­fore then. You’re still let­ting go of the shad­ows and half-hopes of the old cy­cle. Let Mars es­tab­lish it­self in your home sec­tor, mas­sively up­grad­ing your con­cept of the po­ten­tial Casa del Leo.


| AUG 23-SEP 22 A ro­mance, ar­range­ment or at­trac­tion is ap­proach­ing event hori­zon: Jan­uary 9-10. You may get a false sig­nal be­fore then but stick to the facts and your gut. You know what has to hap­pen by mid-Jan, ideally ‘‘ini­ti­ate’’ the new deal with the favourable Jupiter in Virgo ac­tion in the last week of the month.

Li­bra | SEP 23-OCT 22 For you, this retro-Mer­cury (un­til the 26th) op­er­ates on two dis­tinct lev­els. One is that clas­sic man­i­fes­ta­tion. Fine: don’t go mov­ing on im­pulse or agree­ing to any­thing hard-to-get-outof in do­mes­tic realms. Go ahead and re­vise the decor in a mood that ap­proaches ma­nia. But then there is a mo­ment of hon­est rev­e­la­tion.

Scor­pio | OCT 23-NOV 21 Mars is in your orb for a large part of 2016. The last time Mars spent this long in your sign was 1999. The epic vibe up­grade starts now. All that painstak­ing pa­tience, ma­tu­rity and strat­egy honed since late 2012 (Saturn in Scor­pio) is a mas­sive ad­van­tage. De­ploy your ev­ery­thing. Don’t waste elo­quence on idiots.

Sagit­tar­ius | NOV 22-DEC 21 Put the choke on com­pul­sive spend­ing to align with Mer­cury retro in your $$$ sec­tor and Saturn in Sagit­tar­ius. You’ve got no choice but to be up­wardly mo­bile. Down or even side­ways is not an op­tion with Saturn at work. You’re stuck with up. This week’s pres­sure comes from your peers not feel­ing it.

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