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Even an agenda set in De­cem­ber may need re­set­ting in the wake of the fresh info and com­mu­niques zap­ping in

Capricorn | DEC 22-JAN 19

Some­thing you left to-be-con­tin­ued pre-Xmas pops back up again, but it’s not till Feb that the sit­u­a­tion re­veals its in­tent. Mean­while, you strad­dle two di­men­sions: the glacial pace of bu­reau­cracy/off point peo­ple AND the rad­i­cal in­spi­ra­tion that is Jupiter on the North Node. If any­one can con­trol-freak in­com­pe­tents while nur­tur­ing a vi­sion­ary ideal, it’s you.

Aquarius | JAN 20-FEB 17

Sud­denly the psy­cho­log­i­cal trip of Mer­cury in orb of Pluto since De­cem­ber 19 makes sense. You’ve dredged the depths of your psy­che, dis­carded mouldy in­se­cu­rity and as­sump­tions that no longer align. Now you’ve got enough mojo to chan­nel a ge­nius idea. Syn­chronic­ity? Karma? Luck? Who cares? Prep to trans­mit your Awe­some.

Pisces | FEB 18-MAR 19

Are your re­cent wiles more like sor­cery? As­ter­oid He­cate, queen of the witches, is in Pisces till March and con­juncts your ruler Nep­tune. Think fly­ing dreams, soli­tude crav­ings and a re­newed in­ter­est in herbs. It’s not all a bare­foot on magic moss in the for­est vibe; hyped psy­chic mojo can be ap­plied to a ca­reer coup.

Aries | MAR 20-APR 19

Mer­cury ret­ro­grade can make the mo­tives of peeps hard to de­ci­pher, so why try? Turn to the other big at­tribute of this astro-pas­sage: fresh op­tions that fire up the most jaded neu­ral synapse. If one path pe­ters out, don’t waste en­ergy check­ing “the map”. Go off-track and the magic man­i­fests.

Taurus | APR 20-MAY 20

Venus, your pa­tron planet, chal­lenges Jupiter and the re­sult is a good time. Yes, se­ri­ously. The only thing that could blow out is your bud­get and/or diet. Mars in league with Nep­tune en­sures that new en­coun­ters this week are tinged with fate. This is one of your strong­est mat­ing/dat­ing weeks on record.

Gemini | MAY 21-JUN 20

The new, more spar­tan at­ti­tude around work is ob­vi­ously go­ing to en­hance your rev­enue/em­ploy­a­bil­ity. It’s on till Au­gust, via Mars in Scorpio and near steely Saturn. Self-dis­ci­pline, strat­egy and sto­icism is a time-proven method of main­tain­ing sta­bil­ity in even volatile times. But this week Mars in sync to Nep­tune adds a shamanic edge. Your in­tu­ition scores $$$ + break­through.

Can­cer | JUN 21-JUL 22

Blame Mer­cury retro for the reemer­gence of ex-lovers, old col­lab­o­ra­tors and other stray sus­pects from your past. You’ll be be­guiled but then stunned to see how much your gen­eral vibe has de­parted from whomever the hell you used to be. Would you get along with the pre-2012 ver­sion of your self now?

Leo | JUL 23-AUG 22

Your ruler Apollo, the in­vin­ci­ble Sun, en­ters your op­po­site sign mid­week, il­lu­mi­nat­ing the most sig­nif­i­cant part­ner­ships in your life. You need the ob­jec­tiv­ity this af­fords, es­pe­cially as Mars + the Sun square off on Feb 5/6. If there is an ob­sta­cle to true ro­mance or a smooth biz deal, it re­veals it­self then. But $$$ and en­ter­prise are trend­ing up.

Virgo | aug 23-sep 22

An agenda set in De­cem­ber may need re­set­ting in the wake of fresh info and com­mu­niques zap­ping in. The quicker you com­mit to speedy evo­lu­tion of what­ever is stuck, the sooner you’re ready for your most vi­sion­ary and lucky (yes) astro in decades. Peo­ple you meet in the next month are change agents. You’re meant to hap­pen to one an­other.

Libra | SEP 23-OCT 22

Peo­ple get fooled by your grace and scented sym­me­try but you’re speed­ier and more im­pa­tient than Aries. The whim of steel is real. But Jan­uary has been ex­quis­ite hell on you — Mars is ramp­ing up the need for cash flow to fund en­ter­prise or growth. Mer­cury retro is at odds, slow­ing mo­men­tum. Deep breaths. It gets bet­ter mid­week.

Scorpio | OCT 23-NOV 21

Mer­cury on Pluto, again, is zap­ping you with a vi­tal mes­sage. Are you over­look­ing some­thing amaz­ing that would rev­o­lu­tionise your work-life-love-health prac­tice? Al­ter­na­tively, do you need to take a more di­rect ap­proach with get­ting some­thing you de­sire? If so, aim for around Jan 30.

Sagittarius | NOV 22-DEC 21

Weirdly, big goals are eas­ier to pur­sue than mi­cro­manag­ing the biz-as-usual di­men­sion in the next 10 days. Mer­cury retro is the cul­prit for you hav­ing to hus­tle harder than usual and/or in­sane bu­reau­cracy. But Jupiter, your ruler, is aligned with the north node. A guide, ge­nius idea or op­por­tu­nity is set to ap­pear. De­flect the ir­ri­ta­tion from ba­sic crap. Broad per­spec­tive is your thing.

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