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Tau­rus | APR 20-MAY 20 Venus in synch with Pluto un­der­scores ev­ery en­counter with ex­tra zing. Whether this is sex, dan­ger, ir­ri­ta­tion or a grudge flash­point de­pends on the ex­ist­ing dy­namic. Doubts as to whether some­thing should deepen or be re­moved from your ev­ery­day vibe will dis­si­pate by the end of the month. Choose what ren­ders you peace­ful.

Gem­ini | MAY 21-JUN 20 Some call you fickle or a flake but per­cep­tive peeps get that your mu­ta­bil­ity is an as­set. You’re a ge­nius of change, na­tive to the hy­per-flux that is 21st-cen­tury liv­ing. So be ready to ad­just at warp-speed with Jupiter square Saturn from May 17 un­til early June. Get in first and morph the way you set up your power lair, al­liances.

Can­cer | JUN 21-JUL 22 The grand Earth syn­ergy con­tin­ues to sup­port re­la­tion­ship and in­spi­ra­tion but you’re also mov­ing into the sur­real vibe of Jupiter square Saturn. This is when any dis­or­gan­i­sa­tion or work-biz mis­com­mu­ni­ca­tion is ex­posed. Get in be­fore the 19th and fix up sys­tems. Or have any air-cleans­ing dis­cus­sions you need for clar­ity and ease of work.

Leo | JUL 23-AUG 22 There are Leos out there who dis­miss the skil­ful han­dling of one’s fi­nan­cials as be­ing a min­ion thing. But it has not been since the mys­ti­cal moon’s node moved into your $$$ sec­tor late last year. With Pluto in synch to it from May 19 un­til late July, you’re about to pros­per beyond ex­pec­ta­tion … if your work-biz vibe is true to you.

Virgo | AUG 23-SEP 22 The ga­lac­tic vibe is in hy­per-flux. Pluto in synch to the north node in your sign short-cuts you straight to where you’re meant to be. Jupiter in Virgo is chal­leng­ing the sta­tus quo of where you live or whom you are liv­ing with. The rest­less­ness fac­tor is off the scale, yet Mer­cury still retro means you have to push su­per hard for re­sults.

Li­bra | SEP 23-OCT 22 Po­ten­tially this week: an­ces­tor spir­its, be­ing drawn to a par­tic­u­lar lo­ca­tion or in­stincts so hyped you’re throb­bing with pri­mal vibe. Mer­cury is still retro so you’re hav­ing to man­age peo­ple, ex­pec­ta­tions, cash­flow. You can’t just let rip with the Li­bra whim of steel. Ini­ti­ate a med­i­ta­tion prac­tice strong enough to work as an an­ti­dote.

Scor­pio | OCT 23-NOV 21 Pluto, boss of the un­der­world, con­spir­a­cies & Scor­pios, is in­sanely ac­tive this week. So clean up your thought and com­mu­ni­ca­tions style, erad­i­cate old as­sump­tions and prep to meet peo­ple, ideas that are of your fu­ture. Jupiter is also square Saturn, a blur of de­tails and sched­ule mas­tery that’s dizzy­ing but will make you.

Sagit­tar­ius | NOV 22-DEC 21 You have an­other week of retro-Mer­cury prompt­ing the most ba­sic re­forms and ap­par­ently hav­ing to do ev­ery­thing your­self if you want it to get done. It’s in­fu­ri­at­ing when you’d rather be do­ing some­thing shamanic or at least out of the di­rect orb of hos­tile id­iots. But un­til early June you’re mak­ing over your Ev­ery­thing.

Capri­corn | DEC 22-JAN 19 Prag­matic as you pre­fer to be, some­thing sur­real and karmic is about to go down in your re­la­tion­ship realms. It also could ap­ply to travel and academe. Sa­gac­ity and ro­mance? Pluto in your sign is in synch to the moon’s node, bring­ing you and the peo­ple, des­ti­na­tions you are meant to be con­nected with closer to­gether.

Aquar­ius | JAN 20-FEB 17 Even though your de­sire for ac­tion, lib­er­a­tion, mo­men­tum is now tweak­ing, you have to hold off un­til May 22. This means get your­self grounded, score space to prop­erly think through the is­sues at hand and de­vise a proper plan. Thus do you con­quer feel­ing crowded yet lack­ing re­sources. The cash cav­alry is com­ing.

Pisces | FEB 18-MAR 19 If you feel like some­thing big is brew­ing with the vo­ca­tional voodoo, yes it sure is. So take ad­van­tage of Mer­cury retro to re­fine your schemes and your com­mu­ni­ca­tion style so that you are trans­mit­ting what you want, when you want. You thrive, but only if you’re in prag­matic, worldly mode this month. Cul­ti­vate biz al­liances.

Aries | MAR 20-APR 19 Don’t let ran­dom is­sues that flare up in the next three weeks dis­tract you from the broader ca­reer, biz re­align­ment that is tak­ing shape. Look for the deeper zeit­geist. In­vest your en­ergy into the new es­tab­lish­ment and thrive. Jupiter forces you to see where a sit­u­a­tion is too small for schemes you are try­ing to ac­tu­alise.

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