Road Test Air Cork

The Weekend Australian - Magazine - - LIFE - By Ross Bil­ton

Get that thing away from me! Re­lax, it’s a wine pre­server – a novel way of keep­ing a wine fresh if you aren’t go­ing to fin­ish the bot­tle. Looks like some­thing from a

proc­tol­o­gist’s tool kit. Per­ish the thought. See that slim bal­loon on one end? You push that through the neck of the bot­tle then in­flate it us­ing the hand-pump shaped like a bunch of grapes on the other end. Voila! It cre­ates an air­tight seal over the wine. won’t it make the wine taste a bit bal­loony? No, it’s food-grade plas­tic. In any case, you’re hardly go­ing to use it on a bot­tle of Grange. I don’t know, it just sounds like a bit of a palaver. Most other wine pre­servers – de­vices that cre­ate a vac­uum inside the bot­tle, or in­ject an in­ert gas into it – are more of a has­sle. Of course, the sim­plest way to avoid air spoilage is to fin­ish the whole damn bot­tle. So come on Halliday, CHUG CHUG CHUG!

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