My vegeta­bles were badly dam­aged by white­fly last spring and sum­mer. I don’t use chem­i­cals or high-ni­tro­gen fer­tilis­ers so what caused the in­fes­ta­tion? How can I min­imise the dam­age next time?

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Dani Chat­field, Vic Tiny white­flies suck sap and can spread viruses. They’re com­mon pests that re­pro­duce rapidly; early con­trol is best. Yel­low sticky traps are ef­fec­tive (from green­har­ or nurs­eries, or make your own) or use an in­sec­ti­ci­dal soap (Na­ture’s Way Vegie and Herb Spray or Na­tra­soap), sprayed thor­oughly and re­peated ev­ery five days. Nat­u­ral preda­tors in­clude spi­ders, lacewings, hov­er­flies and la­dy­birds. See good­ to pur­chase par­a­sitic wasps.

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