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Ro­man Mys­ter­ies, 5.25pm, ABC A chil­dren’s television se­ries set in an­cient Rome? Surely they’d have to leave out a lot of the ex­cesses we are ac­cus­tomed to in sword and san­dal epics? Well yes, they do. But far from the sense of the feast with­out wine I was ex­pect­ing, this is a great look­ing and only slightly ho­mogenised se­ries about teen ad­ven­tures in classical times. CSI: NY, 8.30pm, Nine A fit young BASE- jumper throws him­self off a Man­hat­tan sky­scraper with gusto. All seems to go well as his chute opens. But then it is pelted from above with dead car­rier pi­geons, who look to have died as one. They fall on the chute like bricks ( wouldn’t they float and flut­ter?) and it’s good­bye Mr BASE- jumper. Else­where a dead guy in a car re­vealed as a birth­day sur­prise is a crowd shocker, es­pe­cially when an un­ex­pected ser­pent ap­pears with its fangs in­tact. The youth of the crim­i­nals in­volved gets to De­tec­tive Stella Bonasera ( Melina Kanakare­des, pic­tured.) For­eign Correspondent, 9.20pm, ABC In a seg­ment called Priests and the Sex Mafia , an Ir­ish priest goes un­der­cover in the sex cap­i­tal of the Philip­pines to find out if the pimps are sell­ing chil­dren. The good fa­ther has res­cued hun­dreds of chil­dren as young as 13 from the sex in­dus­try. But is he a saint or, as some claim, a man who has ru­ined lives in a bid for glory? Re­porter Eric Camp­bell gets to the heart of the mat­ter.

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