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HOW tough can it be play­ing the open­ing spot on the Po­lice’s re­vival world tour? Well, quite tough if you’re Sting’s son, ap­par­ently. Joe Sum­ner is the son of Gor­don Sum­ner, al­though Son of Sting has a nicer ring to it and has movie off­shoot po­ten­tial. Any­way, St­in­glet has his own band, Fiction Plane, which by a strange quirk of fate has ended up as the sup­port act on the Po­lice’s global jaunt that kicked off in Van­cou­ver last week. Much to his credit, Son of Sting is not a chip off the old block, cit­ing in­flu­ences such as Nir­vana and U2 in his band’s mu­sic rather than any­thing of the Doo Doo Doo Dah Dah Dah variety. That hasn’t been enough to stop the me­dia mak­ing com­par­isons or, worse still, con­tin­u­ally ask­ing Son of Sting ques­tions about his dad. He has been get­ting a bit sick of that dur­ing the first week of the tour, say­ing he’d rather dis­cuss his favourite M & Ms than his fa­mous fa­ther. An an­nounce­ment is surely im­mi­nent about the ar­rival of the Po­lice in Aus­tralia. Al­though there has been no of­fi­cial word on dates, it seems cer­tain that Sting, Andy Sum­mers and Ste­wart Copeland will make their way here be­fore the end of the year. It re­mains to be seen whether they will be send­ing out an SOS, Son of Sting that is, to warm up the crowd. IF Son of Sting is find­ing the pa­ter­nal shadow off- putting, no such gloom ap­pears to have af­fected Son of Neil, Liam Finn. The off­spring of Crowded House’s front­man is not only open­ing for his dad’s band on some of their come­back tour dates, he’s also play­ing in Crowded House. ‘‘ I haven’t toured with my fam­ily for 10 years so it should be re­ally fun,’’ he says. DE­VEL­OP­MENTS of a darker na­ture have taken place fol­low­ing last week’s re­port of a born- again Bob Dylan fa­natic in this of­fice who is har­bour­ing the no­tion of a night- long au­di­ence sans cloth­ing with the Amer­i­can bard when he tours here in Au­gust. Only days ago the de­luded in­di­vid­ual of­fered this writer her first- born if I could ar­range for her, through my con­nec­tions, a can­dle- lit hor­i­zon­tal ren­dezvous with the 66- year- old per­former, some­thing he would al­ways re­mem­ber, she says. She will cook for him, too, and has asked me to men­tion that she has a black mo­tor­bike. If all else fails, at least I can pull that last one out of the bag when I put the nuts and bolts of her re­quest to his peo­ple. A poll taken around Spin Doc­tor HQ found no other tak­ers for His Bob­ness’s ser­vices, other than as a ra­dio an­nouncer. Are there any oth­ers out there who share this wo­man’s pas­sion for a bit of Bob? Does he re­ally put the sex in sex­a­ge­nar­ian? I re­ally need to know.

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Il­lus­tra­tion: Tom Jel­lett

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