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Cat­a­lyst, 8pm, ABC Not to be con­fused with be­ing off one’s face, face blind­ness is a brand­new dis­abil­ity that you or your kids could have. What is it? Find out on Cat­a­lyst tonight. Also, tea leaves. Can they tell our for­tunes, or ex­plain how medicines work? Ein­stein’s long- over­looked tea- leaf prophecy comes true. Sea Pa­trol, 8.30pm, Nine By the time you read this, we’ll all know if Nine’s big spend has proved a rat­ings win­ner or a float­ing turkey. In any case, tonight’s third episode open­ing is ter­rific, with the HMAS Ham­mer­s­ley get­ting tossed about like a cork in a storm on the open sea. When light­ning strikes, it looks for a mo­ment that all may be lost, along with the ship’s power sup­ply. Well, that would make for a short se­ries, wouldn’t it? Down in the en­gine room, Andy Thorpe ( the won­der­ful and un­der­rated John Batch­e­lor, pic­tured) has his work cut out get­ting the en­gine restarted: ‘‘ I can­nae gie her any­more, Cap­tain, she’ll blow apart.’’ Oops, wrong show. But you get the idea. Amer­ica’s Hard­est Pris­ons, 8.30pm, Na­tional Ge­o­graphic Tonight’s episode is called Lock­down: Iron Grip , and it fea­tures some of the tough­est con­victs in North Carolina. ‘‘ We’re not used to in­mates send­ing our staff out to hospi­tal,’’ ad­mits a warder at Alexan­der Cor­rec­tional. Oh come on, don’t they watch Oz in this prison? Fairly plod­ding stuff, on the whole. Mak­ing the do­mes­tic rou­tines of a prison look dra­matic proves to be a chal­lenge.

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