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Mummy De­tec­tive, 7.30pm, Dis­cov­ery Science The three wise men ( aka the three kings) are the most mys­te­ri­ous char­ac­ters in the Bi­ble. They jour­neyed from an un­named land to Beth­le­hem, bear­ing the gifts we all know so well for the Christ child, and then they dis­ap­peared. They were the first Chris­tian pil­grims. But where did they come from? Where did they go? Hav­ing posed th­ese ques­tions, our host Bob Brier im­me­di­ately tells us that Cologne cathe­dral, in Ger­many, was built to house their bones. Glad we got that sorted. All Saints, 9pm, Seven When a sea­son finale is called Against the Wall Part 1 , you just know it’s go­ing to end on a cliffhanger, don’t you? Things be­gin with the rou­tine pa­rade of pa­tients and barked med­i­cal or­ders. Buy there’s a lot of know­ing eye con­tact go­ing on, be­tween whom I can­not say. A glee­ful heart trans­plant re­cip­i­ent looks to be re­cov­er­ing well, but just as her tear­ful dad tells her she’s go­ing to get her life back, things erupt. Tense, taut and ter­rific. Hot Docs: Imelda, Spe­cial Edi­tion, 10pm, SBS Though she could wear a pair of shoes ev­ery day for eight years with­out wear­ing the same pair twice, Imelda Mar­cos, pic­tured, and the mak­ers of this doc­u­men­tary, want us to know she has been mis­un­der­stood. ‘‘ Get over the shoes, they are just a funny side story,’’ her son says. She sings, dances and writes books too, you know.

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