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TO­DAY I’d like to in­tro­duce a new, oc­ca­sional Spin Doc­tor se­ries that fo­cuses on a wor­ry­ing trend in the world of male artist album sleeves, one that needs to be nipped in the bud be­fore it be­comes an epi­demic. If you haven’t no­ticed this un­seemly drift, it is per­haps be­cause you don’t get your rocks off lis­ten­ing to Justin Tim­ber­lake or Craig David, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t af­fect you. I’m con­cerned about the in­creas­ingly com­mon pose adopted by blokes on their CDs, a look that tries ever so hard to shove all of the best qual­i­ties of the artist into one pic­ture. It’s an im­age that says: ‘‘ I’m sen­si­tive, but kinda kooky too. I like hang­ing out with the guys but chicks are cool and I know I have a novel in me some­where if only I had the time but I’m just so de­voted to the stage and the record­ing stu­dio, you know?’’ Ob­vi­ously, that is a lot of words to de­scribe one photo, so from now on I am go­ing to call it the ‘‘ where the hell did I put my car keys?’’ shot. There are any num­ber of naughty WTHDIPMCKs out there. Two of them, David and singer- song­writer Jeremy Fisher, take the hon­ours this week. If you spot any oth­ers, per­haps you could bring them to my at­ten­tion. It could be a long, hard strug­gle, but if we stand to­gether ( not in a photo look­ing like prats), then just maybe we can rid hu­man­ity of this silli­ness once and for all. IT re­ally is a long way to the top if you want to rock ’ n’ roll. The road to star­dom is a dan­ger­ous one, with all sorts of hid­den ob­sta­cles and le­gal en­tan­gle­ments to get through. No one has found this out to their cost, so to speak, quite like 1960s Cal­i­for­nian psy­che­delic pop­sters the Tur­tles, whose 1967 hit Happy To­gether re­mains a pop clas­sic. It wasn’t all peace and love dur­ing the band’s reign, with a string of man­age­rial dif­fi­cul­ties cloud­ing their chart- top­ping sta­tus. The group’s two main men, Howard Kay­lan and Mark Vol­man, went on to be­come the duo Flo and Ed­die and you can catch their rather hi­lar­i­ous ex­pla­na­tion ( circa 1990) of what went wrong with the Tur­tles’ busi­ness deal­ings here: www. youtube. com/ watch? v= 5JHN5HaUg28

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Feel­ing kinda kooky: Craig David

Hav­ing a novel idea: Jeremy Fisher

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