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SOME fam­i­lies bond over footy, other go on fish­ing week­ends or even an ex­tended hol­i­day. But not many take it as far as the Gee­long- based Sk­il­tons, whoin 2006- took their eye­sight from my­opic to mar­vel­lous within seven days.

Their poor eye­sight saw the fam­ily of five in­ves­ti­gat­ing, plan­ning and fi­nally in­spir­ing each other to un­dergo the Vec­tor laser surgery within a week.

Janet Sk­il­ton, who had worn glasses since she was eight, says that she’s ab­so­lutely de­lighted with the re­sults.

‘‘ With­out my glasses I could not see an inch in front of me,’’ ex­plained the mother of three.

Her hus­band, Terry, who en­dured strong pre­scrip­tions for his con­tacts and glasses for over 20 years, is thrilled.

‘‘ It’s great now,’’ he says. ‘‘ We saw the video of my brother- in- law hav­ing laser surgery and it didn’t look too bad, so we thought we’d give it a go,’’ he says.

‘‘ My wife, son Wade and youngest daugh­ter Anthea had their eyes lasered the first Fri­day and Melissa and I were done the week later,’’ he says.

How­ever, Terry, who con­fesses to hav­ing fainted each time his wife gave birth, did ex­pe­ri­ence a few queasy mo­ments.

‘‘ While it doesn’t hurt, it just feels a bit yucky, when they put the clips on your eyes to hold them open,’’ he says.

Daugh­ter Melissa heartily agrees.

Melissa, 25, has worn glasses for many years. She says: ‘‘ It’s fan­tas­tic. The other day I was cook­ing pasta and didn’t have to worry about my glasses fog­ging up.’’

Son Wade, 20, who loves play­ing pool, had al­ready rec­om­mended the pro­ce­dure to some friends.

‘‘ It feels great, I al­ways hated wear­ing the glasses,’’ he says.

His sis­ter Anthea, 22, works as a fi­nan­cial plan­ner and loves play­ing net­ball even more than ever, now that she no longer has to worry about hav­ing her spec­ta­cles hit­ting the court when she’s try­ing to shoot a goal. It’s fan­tas­tic,’’ she says.

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