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Star Trek Voy­ager, 8.30am, Sci- Fi

Yes, I know, the hour is ridicu­lous, but early ris­ers, or those with func­tion­ing recorders should not miss this treat, the sec­ond episode of Voy­ager ’ s fifth sea­son. By now the fan­tas­tic Jeri Ryan, as the de­as­sim­i­lated Borg drone Seven- of- Nine, pic­tured, is a well- es­tab­lished, if still oc­ca­sion­ally muti­nous, crew mem­ber. Her Borg nano- probes are set loose in a trans­porter ac­ci­dent, and some of them fuse with the holographic doc­tor’s mo­bile emit­ter. This re­sults in a 29th cen­tury drone ( named sim­ply ‘‘ one’’) who is ed­u­cated and nur­tured by an at first re­luc­tant Seven- of- Nine.

Amer­ica’s Hard­est Pris­ons, 8.30pm, Na­tional Ge­o­graphic

In the Ari­zona desert there is a county jail like no other. Shoplifters and mur­der­ers sleep side by side in tents. ‘‘ Wel­come to tent city, Ari­zona,’’ the nar­ra­tor in­tones. You can’t buy a tent, but a sen­tence spent here will mean en­dur­ing tem­per­a­tures of up to 60 de­grees in the height of sum­mer. Fol­lows the for­tunes of sev­eral in­mates in an at­tempt to hu­man­ise per­sons that the sys­tem seems de­ter­mined to de­hu­man­ise.

Elvis: The 1968 Come­back Spe­cial, 11.30pm, ABC1

In 1968, the King had not per­formed on television for eight years. This pro­gram, orig­i­nally con­ceived by Elvis Pres­ley’s man­ager Colonel Tom Parker as a Christ­mas spe­cial in which Pres­ley would croon carols, was hi­jacked by di­rec­tor Steve Binder and pro­ducer Bones Howe, and be­came a fore­run­ner of the fa­mous un­plugged events of 30 years later, pop­u­larised by pay TV chan­nel MTV, in which artists ap­peared with only acous­tic back­ing in­stru­ments.

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