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I’ M Brian McFad­den. I’m a singer and here are my songs and I hope you en­joy them. Ac­tu­ally I’m not Brian McFad­den, but if I were, that’s what I would be say­ing to you at this time, as I pre­pared for the re­lease of my new album, Set in Stone , which comes out on April 19. ‘‘ The thought of do­ing that is very ap­peal­ing to me,’’ the for­mer Westlife and fu­ture Deltaw­ife singer says about want­ing to say that he’s a singer and that his songs are here and so on. The Fad has quite a lot to spout about a lot of stuff in the fluff ac­com­pa­ny­ing his new re­lease. The most star­tling reve­la­tion is that in the leadup to the mak­ing of Set in Stone , the Ir­ish for­mer bingo caller wrote 150 songs. That’s 150. Songs. Now, there’s noth­ing like be­ing pre­pared when you’re about to go into the stu­dio. No point walk­ing in with a blank sheet of pa­per and shout­ing 1- 2- 3- 4 when the band ar­rives, al­though it has been known to hap­pen. But 150? Re­ally? Even al­low­ing for the fact it has been al­most 31/

2 years since his pre­vi­ous album, Ir­ish Son , was re­leased, that would be just shy of a song a week. But this pe­riod of cre­ativ­ity was ‘‘ in the lead- up’’ and most of the album was com­pleted last year. A ver­sion of one of the songs from it, his Delta trib­ute, Like Only a Wo­man Can , came out over­seas yonks ago. So how on earth does he man­age it, given that he’s of­ten to be seen play­ing footy or check­ing out his favourite rock bands or hang­ing out with her in­doors at so­cial func­tions, never mind main­tain­ing a private life with his be­trothed? Tak­ing all of his per­sonal and pro­fes­sional com­mit­ments and the time frame into ac­count, as well as meals and toi­let breaks, I reckon that’s a new tune ev­ery 20 min­utes or so. There are only 10 songs on the album. That’s 140 un­ac­counted for. Where are they? What are they like? The Fad’s not an­swer­ing th­ese ques­tions just yet, but let’s hope he does soon. POP star­dom is all about rein­ven­tion, as Madonna and our Kyles would be only too happy to tell you. ( Delta’s try­ing des­per­ately to up her sexy rat­ing, but it’s a strug­gle so far.) Should McFad­den or in­deed his fu­ture wife be look­ing for some way to bol­ster their ca­reers they could do worse than take a leaf from the book of Amer­i­can hip- hop phe­nom­e­non 50 Cent. 54 Cent, as he is known in Aus­tralia ( 25p Diddy in Bri­tain) is about to launch his sec­ond video game fol­low­ing the suc­cess of his best- sell­ing 2006 mon­ster rap meets Rambo ex­er­cise, 50 Cent: Bul­let­proof. The new epic for Xbox and PlayS­ta­tion is called 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand and you can bet your bot­tom half a buck it’s not about get­ting a nose­bleed at the beach. There is a plot, how­ever, in which the player gets to be one of the world’s big­gest hip- hop stars, ‘‘ in an all- out bat­tle to pro­tect 50 Cent’s as­sets and to col­lect pay­ment from a crooked over­lord’’. He’s look­ing for songs to go with it, ap­par­ently. Brian, surely you must have some­thing in that batch of 140 that could ac­com­pany the nasty, nasty over­lord get­ting his come­up­pance from the mighty Cent.

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