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Jamie at Home, 8pm, Ten

Say what you will about Jamie Oliver, but the man knows his onions. If you had to be stranded on a desert is­land with one other per­son, and you couldn’t have Nigella Law­son, I reckon you’d eat best with Jamie. Tonight he pulls up the first onions of the year from his gar­den and makes onion and leek soup with ched­dar cheese.

Out­law Bik­ers: Hells An­gels, 8.30pm, Na­tional Ge­o­graphic

For a half cen­tury they have roamed the high­ways like mod­ern cow­boys. So are the Hells An­gels just a bunch of fun- lov­ing rebels with­out a cause or a crim­i­nal gang? To an­swer the ques­tion, US fed­eral agents be­come un­der­cover An­gels. Will the bik­ers, such as the An­gel, pic­tured, not no­tice the cam­era crews fol­low­ing the wired un­der­cover cops ev­ery­where? Have they not seen what hap­pens to poor old Bobby Green ( Joaquin Phoenix) in the movie We Own the Night when he wears a wire? Un­til now, no one has been able to prove links be­tween the An­gels and or­gan­ised crime. Can the beefy and tat­tooed agent Jay ‘‘ Bird’’ Dobyns sur­vive and fool the An­gels into be­tray­ing their best- kept se­crets?

Lost, 9.30pm, Seven

Tonight’s episode is en­ti­tled Meet Kevin John­son . If the Aussie singer with the trea­cle pop bari­tone doesn’t walk out of the sea on to that god­for­saken is­land with a gui­tar slung around his neck, singing Rock and Roll, I Gave You the Best Years of My Life , I for one am go­ing to be se­verely dis­ap­pointed.

Ian Cuth­bert­son

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