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In­sight, 7.30pm, SBS Tonight Jenny Brockie, pic­tured, and her full house of con­sid­ered opin­ion- mak­ers tackle the is­sue of find­ing courage. Why do some of us step up to the plate when cir­cum­stances re­quir­ing hero­ism present them­selves while oth­ers re­main frozen on the side­lines? Are we born with courage or can it be learned? Meet a coura­geous young man who jumped 14m off a Grafton bridge to help a woman who had left be­hind a neatly folded jumper and a sui­cide note. He saw her float­ing face­down in the river and al­most in­stantly jumped to her res­cue. What was he think­ing? How long did he con­sider his re­sponse? He says his action was pure in­stinct. We also hear from a woman who sur­vived a light- plane crash but risked her life to go back in to save oth­ers, know­ing the plane could ex­plode at any sec­ond. How does she cope with the full- thick­ness burns to 67 per cent of her body that re­sulted from her act of courage? Is em­pa­thy hard- wired into us, as pro­fes­sor Ladd Wheeler sug­gests? If that’s true, how do we ex­plain the by­stander ef­fect, a well- known syn­drome char­ac­terised by fear and in­ac­tion. A fas­ci­nat­ing In­sight lives up to the pro­gram’s name. 20 to 1, 9.30pm, Nine The eter­nal Bert New­ton, filmed gen­er­ally be­hind a tonne of foun­da­tion and at some dis­tance, will take us on a merry chase through Aus­tralia’s 20 great­est scan­dals, rated in im­por­tance by re­dun­dant Nine Net­work tea ladies and the show’s pro­duc­ers.

Ian Cuth­bert­son


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