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Slum­dog Mil­lion­aire ( MA15+): Danny Boyle’s Dick­en­sian saga ex­plores the life of a young man reared in the slums of Mum­bai and whose suc­cess in the In­dian ver­sion of Who Wants to Be a Mil­lion­aire? seems at first sus­pi­cious. Stun­ningly pho­tographed and beau­ti­fully acted by an In­dian cast, this is a crowd­pleaser de­spite the ba­si­cally grim sub­ject mat­ter. — David Stratton

Beau­ti­fully acted: Slum­dog Mil­lion­aire

( M): The ti­tle of Woody Allen’s new com­edy gives equal billing to his three stars: Scar­lett Jo­hans­son and Re­becca Hall, as two ill-matched Amer­i­can friends, and the beau­ti­ful city where they spend a chaotic ro­man­tic sum­mer with a wom­an­is­ing artist ( Javier Bar­dem). Lovely back­grounds and en­gag­ing per­for­mances, but the re­sult feels oddly strained, and there aren’t too many laughs. — Evan Wil­liams

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