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( M) AF­TER the re­booted Casino Royale , in which the bru­tally mag­netic Daniel Craig made a grab for Sean Con­nery’s man­tle of best James Bond, Quan­tum of So­lace is a let­down. It’s more of the same that ends up be­ing less. The ti­tle, which comes from an Ian Flem­ing short story not pri­mar­ily about Bond, sounds as mean­ing­less as if it came from the Ran­dom James Bond Movie gen­er­a­tor ( www. kmoser. com/ jamesbond) and the plot is so per­func­tory that you need a tele­scope to con­nect the dots, which is odd, as di­rec­tor Marc Forster ( The Kite Run­ner ) works at the wor­thier end of the film scale. The first Bond movie to take up where the last one left off, the story has 007 ready to avenge the death of love in­ter­est Ves­per in Casino Royale , which puts him on a col­li­sion course with a wealthy en­vi­ron­men­tal en­tre­pre­neur called, of course, Do­minic Greene ( Mathieu Amal­ric). The so-choppy-it’s-hard-to-see-what’sgo­ing-on edit­ing of action scenes, which seemed re­fresh­ing in Casino Royale , now makes Bond feel like yet an­other Ja­son Bourne clone; and Jef­frey Wright, who was so much fun as CIA man Felix Leiter in the pre­vi­ous movie, is re­duced to a few scenes where he looks supremely an­noyed. Quan­tum of So­lace is no turkey; it looks stun­ning and Craig is a great, if surly, Bond, whose in­ter­ac­tions with the fan­tas­tic Judi Dench’s M con­tinue to de­light. But it coasts too much on the good­will gen­er­ated by Casino Royale and you ex­pect more from this se­ries. Next time they’ll have to pull out some­thing spe­cial.

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