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SPIN Doc­tor has been wrestling for much of the past week with Kate Bush. For­give this sala­cious in­tro­duc­tion, but I’m not talk­ing about what it im­plies, or in­deed about the mer­its or other­wise of Ms Bush’s lat­est re­lease, the re­vis­it­ing and re­vis­ing of some of her ear­lier work on the al­bum Di­rec­tor’s Cut. No, I’m us­ing Kate as an ex­am­ple, to il­lus­trate a mind-numb­ing, soul-de­stroy­ing and eth­i­cally dis­turb­ing de­vel­op­ment that I feel should be shared and dealt with by the nation at large, namely: what do you do with al­bums in your col­lec­tion that you know for a fact you will never lis­ten to again? SD reached this cross­roads in life dur­ing a rou­tine re-al­pha­betis­ing ex­er­cise in the vinylCD cup­board. This nor­mally straight­for­ward, if time-con­sum­ing, process is a reg­u­lar ne­ces­sity at SD HQ, given the high vol­ume of mu­sic that lands on the doorstep. It’s true that the dig­i­tal age ren­ders it pos­si­ble to carry one’s mu­sic li­brary in one’s pocket, but for the mo­ment at least hard copy is still a prized com­mod­ity. It’s not a chore, as such, this al­pha­betis­ing. It’s of­ten an op­por­tu­nity to reac­quaint one­self with a long-for­got­ten piece of work that has been tucked away be­tween the Ps and the Ts, wait­ing for its ne­glect­ful owner to give it a bit of at­ten­tion. With­out get­ting to­tally High Fidelity about it, there is great joy to be had by pulling that long-lost gem from the racks and es­tab­lish­ing in the space of 40 min­utes or so that it is as vi­tal to you as it was when you bought it (dis­clo­sure: or got it for noth­ing in the post). Di­rec­tor’s Cut and a satchel of other new re­leases prompted the lat­est up­dat­ing of the SD cat­a­logue and it was while slip­ping the Bush CD into its right­ful spot that a hor­ror, one that must have been lurk­ing for years, man­i­fested it­self. Will there ever be any just cause, I thought, to once more lis­ten to Kate’s The Dream­ing? It took no more than a few sec­onds to come up with the an­swer. No. Once that cri­te­ria had been set, there was no go­ing back. Worse still, if I had ab­so­lutely no in­ten­tion of lis­ten­ing to The Dream­ing or The Strokes’ Room on Fire or Jet’s Shine On or Muse’s first al­bum or any­thing at all by Steely Dan or Kylie Minogue, what was the point in hav­ing them? Could I, would I, DARE I . . . throw them out? It’s pos­si­ble, but I’m not do­ing it alone. Tak­ing inspiration from the re­cent Record Store Day that took place in many parts of the world, in­clud­ing Aus­tralia, Spin Doc­tor would like to an­nounce the in­au­gu­ral Aus­tralian Throw Out Al­bums You’ll Never Lis­ten To Again Day. Next Satur­day seems as good a day as any. Speak­ing as an ageold hoarder, the purg­ing prospect, af­ter the ini­tial trep­i­da­tion, is lib­er­at­ing. Make it a fam­ily af­fair. Just pile the al­bums into the boot, take a pic­nic and drive down to the near­est refuse cen­tre. Imag­ine the de­light on the kids’ faces as they toss those un­wanted Lou Reeds, Hu­man Na­tures, Spice Girls and Rolling Stones (post Tat­too You) into the skip of eter­nal damna­tion. En­joy.

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