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WHILE I would agree with Evan Williams’s com­ments on Tom Cruise’s track record of ‘‘uni­formly dull and for­get­table’’ per­for­mances (‘‘Rock steady’’, June 16-17), I feel that, in fair­ness, men­tion should be made of the ex­cel­lent 1989 film Born

on the Fourth of July, directed by Oliver Stone. It was an act­ing tourde-force from Cruise, who played a re­turn­ing Viet­nam vet­eran, paral­ysed from the waist down. Cruise is un­doubt­edly tal­ented but I was sur­prised to learn that he can sing! I look for­ward to his new film

Rock of Ages with great in­ter­est. Tony Ogier Kens­ing­ton Park, South Aus­tralia I COULD not agree more with Julie Gill, who wrote in ap­pre­ci­a­tion of the light-hearted Q& A pro­gram on June 6 (News & Views, June 16-17). I am a keen fan of Q& A and an­tic­i­pated some fun with Barry [Humphries], David [Marr], Miriam [Mar­golyes] and Jacki [Weaver] on the panel; even se­ri­ous John [Hew­son] joined in. I have not laughed so heartily for many a long day, as Tony Jones let them en­joy them­selves in pro­fes­sional hu­mor­ous mode. Va­ri­ety is the spice of life — for me any­way, at 85. Ann Shevill Ken­more Hills, Queens­land JULIE Gill de­clared her­self hor­ri­fied at our in­abil­ity to laugh at our­selves and spec­u­lated that this was ev­i­dence that we are ‘‘a racist, ig­no­rant so­ci­ety’’. How­ever, our com­plaint was not that the par­tic­i­pants laughed at us (and they cer­tainly weren’t laugh­ing at them­selves) but that they made gra­tu­itous of­fen­sive gibes at the phys­i­cal ap­pear­ance, per­son­al­ity and be­hav­iour of a fel­low pri­vate cit­i­zen. Her shame and hor­ror was un­for­tu­nately mis­di­rected. Bob Wal­lace Dover Gar­dens, SA DAVID Strat­ton was starry-eyed over Ri­d­ley Scott’s lat­est sci-fi epic,

Prometheus, giv­ing it 31/ stars

2 (‘‘Cre­ation myth’’, June 9-10). Scott’s Alien (1979) was the ex­em­plar. This cur­rent pre­quel shame­lessly ref­er­ences 2001,

Con­tact and In­de­pen­dence Day. No cre­ativ­ity here, just more space junk. I once saw a wheelchair­bound man at a screen­ing of

Avatar. For him, the paral­ysed marine Jake (Sam Wor­thing­ton) was an inspiring role model. Our dis­abled daily show courage beyond any cel­lu­loid he­roes. Mike Fog­a­rty Can­berra RE­VIEW is the favourite sec­tion of my fix of The Week­end Aus­tralian. Most of all I have loved read­ing Ker­rie Mur­phy’s witty re­views of the week’s TV. Ian Cuth­bert­son took over the slot and while his views are spot-on, they don’t give the same acer­bic twist on what can be un­re­mark­able pro­gram­ming. Ker­rie has an amaz­ing abil­ity to high­light some of the sil­lier as­pects of TV but also ad­mits to en­joy­ing some of the trashier mo­ments, and that has al­ways res­onated with me. Great to see Ian tak­ing a well-earned break but only be­cause, once again, I get to read Ker­rie’s mis­sives! Jane Schober West End, Queens­land (Cutho’s back from his break next week, Jane, but you’re dead right — we’re lucky to have TV writ­ers of such qual­ity as Ian and Ker­rie — Ed) To be con­sid­ered for pub­li­ca­tion, let­ters must con­tain an ad­dress and tele­phone num­ber for ver­i­fi­ca­tion. Let­ters may be edited for length and clar­ity.

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