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YOU struck a strong chord on beauty and mu­sic (‘‘Mak­ing beau­ti­ful mu­sic’’, July 7-8). For sev­eral years now I have been rail­ing against the mar­ket­ing of con­certs through ad­ver­tise­ments that dis­play the mu­si­cians’ names and pho­to­graphs promi­nently but fail to men­tion the mu­sic; oc­ca­sion­ally, hid­den away in the small print some­where, one may find the words ‘‘pro­gram in­cludes works by . . .’’ giv­ing the names of a few com­posers but rarely the works to be played. If it were not for the com­posers, the mu­si­cians would have noth­ing to play. This cult of per­son­al­ity is part of the mean­ing­less hy­per­bole as­so­ci­ated with pop and rock mu­sic. Sadly, its shal­low­ness is per­va­sive. Even ABC Clas­sic FM ra­dio some­times ad­ver­tises the mu­si­cians rather than the mu­sic and, in the morn­ing, plays short bits of longer works as if the lis­ten­ers can’t cope with the whole work that early in the day. For me, it’s the mu­sic that mat­ters and I yourview@ theaus­ ad­mire mu­si­cians who do it jus­tice. I yearn for the re­turn of sim­plic­ity and com­mon sense. Paddy Carter Ta­nunda, South Aus­tralia EDDIE Cock­rell’s over­view of the Bat­man films (‘‘Gotham’s dark enigma’’, July 7-8) gives a pseu­dose­ri­ous sta­tus to Amer­i­can comic drivel. Dur­ing and af­ter World War II the Amer­i­can psy­che re­sponded to the idea, first pre­sented with Su­per­man, that the or­di­nary weak, put-upon guy might pop into a con­ceal­ing nook, such as a tele­phone kiosk, change quickly into tight mus­cle-re­veal­ing cloth­ing, and emerge to leap about punch­ing bul­lies and wrong­do­ers. ‘‘Don’t at­tack me, or you might re­gret it, once I get a chance to change into my flash togs, with big gloves and cloak,’’ was the mes­sage. While the gloves might pro­tect his ‘‘Pow’’-caus­ing hands, how on earth could he fight when hand­i­capped by a cloak? It is sad that so many films give false sta­tus to so-called su­per­heroes. T. John Betts Ourim­bah, NSW IAN Cuthbertson’s re­view of

RocK­wiz (Free-to-air Quick Bites, July 14-15) was spot-on. It’s a must-watch, a Satur­day night high­light for me. At the end of the show I feel good, no mat­ter how I felt be­fore. On my own at 72 years old, I feel like I’ve had a good night out. Alan Water­worth Bund­aberg, Queens­land I RE­ALLY en­joyed Graeme Blundell’s typ­i­cally acer­bic re­view of the lat­est ABC1 ‘‘cook­ery’’ show,

Au­drey’s Kitchen (‘‘Cook­ing the Books’’, July 14-15). I also ap­pre­ci­ated be­ing men­tioned for my

Con­sum­ing Pas­sions se­ries on the ABC. Frankly, I thought I’d been long for­got­ten. It’s 20 years since I was thrust in front of Aus­tralia’s un­sus­pect­ing view­ers and 10 since I dis­ap­peared from the air­waves. A lot of hair has dropped on to the pil­low since then. I think Au­drey Gor­don has a great fu­ture in my old times­lot. As to the com­ment about my show be­ing a ‘‘slight send-up’’ — well, of course it was. How could any­one take an age­ing, bald­ing, beretwear­ing am­a­teur cook se­ri­ously? Nor did they. But as to my be­ing ‘‘fop­pish’’ — Graeme, please ex­plain! Ian Par­menter Mar­garet River, Western Aus­tralia To be con­sid­ered for pub­li­ca­tion, let­ters must con­tain an ad­dress and tele­phone num­ber for ver­i­fi­ca­tion. Let­ters may be edited for length and clar­ity.

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