River Mon­sters: Lair of Giants

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Tues­day, 7.30pm, Dis­cov­ery At the very be­gin­ning of this ac­tion ad­ven­ture, host Jeremy Wade stands above a river look­ing pensive in a tight, wet shirt. He looks al­most ex­actly like the hu­manoid alien at the be­gin­ning of Ri­d­ley Scott’s Prometheus, who crum­bles him­self into the wa­ter where his DNA trig­gers a bio­genetic re­ac­tion al­low­ing mankind to evolve. (Yes, it’s Dar­win be damned.) Wade’s aim is not so lofty — he wants to iden­tify and catch all the river mon­sters he and his faith­ful team can get their hands on. They are in Guyana, at the north­ern tip of South Amer­ica, and the river in ques­tion is the Esse­quibo. Be­cause the land around this river is un­spoiled and un­charted, Wade is hop­ing to find some­thing huge, an­gry and preda­tory. You get the sense he won’t be sat­is­fied with any­thing less than the Loch Ness mon­ster. But if he can’t find Nessie, will some ugly old cat­fish do?

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