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Sun­day, 12.30pm, An­i­mal Planet Peo­ple used to say they’d gone to see a man about a dog to ex­plain an un­due ab­sence. In this pro­gram, you can see the man about sev­eral dogs, in­clud­ing the labrador retriever, the chi­huahua, the poo­dle, the airedale and the french bull­dog, all in the same episode. The pooches are ter­mi­nally cute but the in­for­ma­tion im­parted about them is also fas­ci­nat­ing. Did you know that, of all small dogs, the french bull­dog snores the loud­est? (It’s about their pushed-in snout, ap­par­ently.) That highly in­tel­li­gent airedales served as ef­fi­cient mail mes­sen­gers with the British army in World War I? Labradors have webbed paws that help them swim at 5km/h, about twice as fast as a duck. And it’s not their in­tel­li­gence that qual­i­fies them as po­lice and guide dogs but high train­abil­ity com­bined with an in­tense will­ing­ness to please. Re­ward­ing for dog lovers of all ages.

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