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Mon­day, 11.45pm, Seven Oh good. More lawyers. Ah, but these are dif­fer­ent lawyers. They are stylish shys­ters with hearts of gold — well, fool’s gold — but only other peo­ple’s. Har­vey (Gabriel Macht) and off-sider Mike (Patrick J. Adams) are in At­lantic City (the booze is le­gal now), where they find a friend in a casino who has just lost his $30 mil­lion com­pany play­ing cards. And they de­cide, in their tough, witty way, to save him while Har­vey heads off some of the strife he has got the com­pany into. Mean­while am­bi­tious bal­let-lov­ing (it’s meant to make him a fig­ure of fun) Louis works hard and feels frus­trated at the way the stylish spivs live the high life. Sound fa­mil­iar? The clothes are upto-the-minute and the char­ac­ters are up-to­date (there are black women in po­si­tions of power) but Ocean’s Eleven is the soul of the show — the Frank Si­na­tra, not the Ge­orge

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