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Thurs­day, 8.30pm, Bio. ‘‘ My best friend is heroin,’’ Brit­tany says, and so her friends and fam­ily unite to save her with an ‘‘ in­ter­ven­tion’’. This is is as grue­some as it is grubby, with Brit­tany de­scrib­ing her 30 months of life as a heroin ad­dict and her fam­ily talk­ing about what the drug is do­ing to them as she uses six times a day. And guess what! It is all due to her par­ents’ di­vorce, her mother’s pre­vi­ous pre­scrip­tion drug mis­use and al­leged sex­ual abuse by a neigh­bour. Of course she has no ex­pla­na­tion of how her sis­ter man­aged to avoid ad­dic­tion (al­though her mother does drugs). So where does the $US500 a day come from and how do Brit­tany’s fam­ily and boyfriend tol­er­ate her ir­ra­tional rages and abuse of trust and love? (An­other good ques­tion is where are the cops?) The an­swer is her fam­ily fi­nally can’t — which is when Rod Espudo in­ter­venes, es­cort­ing Brit­tany to the Betty Ford Cen­tre. This is moral poverty porn, cast­ing an un­for­giv­ing light on a dys­func­tional fam­ily’s fail­ings and the choice Brit­tany must make, be­tween heroin and help. Does it work? Watch it and find out for your­self.

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