Lo­ca­tion, Lo­ca­tion, Lo­ca­tion

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Wed­nes­day, 8.30pm, Life­Style Two buy­ers want to live by the River Thames, one cou­ple with young kids wants a ‘‘ for­ever’’ fam­ily home and a widow wants a pad with less ‘‘ wow’’ than ‘‘ woof’’ fac­tor for her­self, and dog. Gosh here’s a tough one for buy­er­ad­vis­ers Phil (Spencer) and Kirstie (All­sopp) as they strug­gle to find prop­erty in a pricey area where peo­ple stay put. Watch­ing Lo­ca­tion x 3 makes a good case for never, ever mov­ing any­where far­ther than kitchen to bed­room. For a start, it’s hard work — even with Phil and Kirstie’s help. And, at least to these Aus­tralian eyes, value for money you don’t get along the Thames. A half-mil­lion quid (that’s sterling) gets a nice house by the river, but with­out ‘‘ much of a kitchen’’!

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