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Fri­day, 8.30pm, 13th Street Now why does the re­formed mur­derer played by Hugh Bon­neville look so much younger than he does in Down­ton Abbey? It’s be­cause this pi­lot for Lynda La Plante’s se­ries about Scot­land Yard’s Com­man­der Clare Blake (Amanda Bur­ton) is al­most 10 years old. But it has aged very well in­deed. Com­man­der Blake’s blues with sex­ist cop­pers will res­onate with ev­ery­body who thinks women in pub­lic life are ex­cluded from boys’ clubs. It is also ex­cel­lent Fri­day-night fare: the mul­ti­ple plot-lines are ad­e­quately de­mand­ing with­out be­ing brain stretch­ing or con­fronting, al­though one scene in­cludes a corpse dis­played too graph­i­cally for my taste. Over­all it is cer­tainly good enough to want to know what hap­pens next — and even if you have seen it be­fore, my bet is you won’t re­mem­ber.

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