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Sun­day, 8.30pm, Seven In a pro­gram­ming quirk, fans en­joy­ing Covert Af­fairs, which had been show­ing in this times­lot in dou­ble episodes, needed to tune in on Tues­day to see the fi­nal episodes, Quicksand and Lady Star­dust. In case you were won­der­ing, all 16 ti­tles in the sea­son bore the ti­tles of David Bowie songs, just as sea­son one episodes were named af­ter Led Zep­pelin songs, and sea­son two episodes were named af­ter songs by REM. As far as I can tell this speaks more to the ut­ter point­less­ness of episode ti­tles rather than any spe­cific in­flu­ence of the lyrics of the song on a par­tic­u­lar episode. It’s just quirky, OK? Any­way, it is im­ma­te­rial be­cause tonight the net­work is show­ing a dou­ble episode of re­peats of Bones. Yes, you can see The Dare­devil in the Mold and The Bikini in the Soup back to back. As those of us who have been wit­ness to the net­work’s game of now you see it, now you don’t with this pro­gram can at­test, Bones is based on foren­sic an­thro­pol­ogy. It’s just like an Amer­i­can ver­sion of Silent Wit­ness with sex­ier leads, and the odd stab at com­edy. Each episode is about an FBI case con­cern­ing the mys­tery be­hind hu­man re­mains brought by spe­cial agent See­ley Booth (David Bore­anaz) to the foren­sic an­thro­pol­o­gist Dr Tem­per­ance ‘‘ Bones’’ Bren­nan’’ (Emily Deschanel). Th­ese two have a lot more sex­ual ten­sion than any­one in Silent Wit­ness ever did. How­ever, com­edy and ca­dav­ers don’t go all that well to­gether. And it never pays to get too at­tached to Bones be­cause the net­work treats it like a tramp. You would do well to think of this as a one-night stand or, at the very most, a short, tan­ta­lis­ing af­fair. The good news is that Seven in­tends to pro­ceed with brand new episodes next year.

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