Star Trek: Voy­ager

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Satur­day, 9.30pm, 11 In Drone, Voy­ager is joined by a new crea­ture, a mu­ta­tion who, thanks to a trans­porter ac­ci­dent, cre­ates him­self us­ing the doc­tor’s 29th cen­tury mo­bile emit­ter (the ac­tion gen­er­ally takes place in the 24th cen­tury) and some of Seven of Nine’s nanoprobes. The per­for­mance as the fu­tur­is­tic drone by Star Trek fre­quent guest ac­tor J. Paul Boehmer is by turns de­light­fully hammy and dra­matic. A quick study, the new drone as­sim­i­lates the knowl­edge of the uni­verse, in­clud­ing his own predica­ment, with tragic con­se­quences. Un­ac­cus­tomed to her par­ent­ing role, Seven must adapt as the drone sac­ri­fices him­self to save Voy­ager.

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