Taboo: Ex­treme Col­lec­tors

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Thurs­day, 9.30pm, Na­tional Ge­o­graphic So, you think col­lect­ing is a harm­less pas­time? This pro­gram is here to prove that some col­lec­tors really do cross the line. A Lon­don ec­cen­tric sleeps with his skulls, and talks to them as well. ‘‘ I can’t sleep alone and no­body liv­ing wants to sleep with me,’’ he quips. In The Philip­pines a man has mul­ti­ple surg­eries to make his ob­ses­sion a re­al­ity. ‘‘ My dream is to be­come Su­per­man,’’ he says, though that seems more about dys­mor­phia than ob­ses­sive col­lect­ing. The prob­lem is, his home is over­flow­ing with Su­per­man dolls and other para­pher­na­lia, and he just wants to lose his iden­tity and be­come a part of his own col­lec­tion. You must see the pierc­ing blue con­tact lenses that per­fectly match his cos­tume. Back in Utah, rep­tiles have re­placed fam­ily for a wildlife lover. ‘‘ Each one is like a child to me,’’ he says. And in nearby Ari­zona a man is in­dicted for col­lect­ing too many but­ter­flies. What makes th­ese ex­treme col­lec­tors tick?

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