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1 Richard Starkey is bet­ter known by what name?

2 In ge­om­e­try, a non­agon is a reg­u­lar poly­gon with how many sides?

3 Which Aus­tralian Olympic gold medal win­ner had the nick­name “the Seaweed Streak”?

4 Elyes Ga­bel plays Wal­ter O’Brien in which TV se­ries? 5 Win­ston Churchill served as prime min­is­ter of Bri­tain dur­ing which decades?

6 Which canned food is most closely as­so­ci­ated with Andy Warhol’s work?

7 Gary Chap­man wrote a best­selling 1995 book ti­tled The Five what? 8 Lake Vic­to­ria is bor­dered by how many African coun­tries?

9 Which Aus­tralian poet wrote the poem The Man From Iron bark?

10 Ger­man em­peror and Prus­sian king Wil­helm II was forced to ab­di­cate and go into ex­ile at the end of which war?

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