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gemini | MAY 21-JUN 20 The past few weeks have not been easy. But your ruler Mer­cury moves di­rect and synchs with Jupiter as the sun shifts into your sign, bear­ing ideas and in­trigue. It’s such an up­lift you don’t care about the full moon on Mars; it af­firms your sus­pi­cions re who’s anti your awe­some. can­cer | JUN 21-JUL 22 Mer­cury di­rect re­turns your so­cial life to “nor­mal” mi­nus as­sorted qi vam­pires or peo­ple who may hail from an­other era. The full moon on Mars is a bitch for ad­min crap, col­leagues, clients or staff plot­ting against you. Di­rect­ness and hu­mil­ity trump tri­an­gu­la­tion. leo | JUL 23-AUG 22 You’ve been fak­ing ret­i­cence and not giv­ing a toss in biz or love so long it’s al­most real. You are less vul­ner­a­ble but more so­cio­pathic. There’s a thaw of your icy ar­mour as long-held dreams come closer to re­al­i­sa­tion. En­hance this by be­ing can­did re your core com­pe­ten­cies. virgo | AUG 23-SEP 22 All hail to Mer­cury di­rect this weekend. You’re about to bring clar­ity and zeit­geist-in­fused ideas to ev­ery di­men­sion of your life. Some­thing you’ve had to rein­vent is about to prove more prof­itable than cal­cu­lated. It’s like in a movie where the ini­tial love in­ter­est turns out to be but a plot ve­hi­cle for the real deal. libra | SEP 23-OCT 22 The full moon on retro Mars in your mouthing-off sec­tor mys­ticme­ needs to be fi­nessed. Yes, you are renowned for diplo­matic wiles and charms, but could these have muf­fled your true voice? If so, an op­por­tu­nity for can­dour is soon upon you. How­ever, if you’re a per­fumed, pass-agg tyrant, prep for a blast of truth. scorpio | OCT 23-NOV 21 If you’re feel­ing ma­nip­u­lated into hand­ing over $$, with­hold. Mer­cury di­rect in your op­po­site sign is about to ex­pose weird­ness and it is a full moon in your fi­nan­cials sec­tor. Money em­pow­er­ment is your ev­ery­thing this fort­night. The self-es­teem and pros­per­ity les­son has been com­ing since Au­gust. This is the test. sagittarius | NOV 22-DEC 21 Mer­cury di­rect re­lieves work irks and the sen­sa­tion of an eter­nal to-do list. Some­thing epic oc­curs to af­firm a feel­ing of ac­com­plish­ment. A com­pli­ment from an un­usual source? But the full moon in your sign means un­able-to-be-de­nied re­al­i­sa­tions around a re­la­tion­ship. Venus ups the in­ten­sity from Tues-Thurs. capricorn | DEC 22-JAN 19 Brace for a rad­i­cal de­par­ture of the in­tel­lect or a trip to a fate­ful des­ti­na­tion. There’s cre­ative re­vival and the prospect that a mes­sage from afar or an es­cape-style jour­ney could change ev­ery­thing. What not to do? Ig­nore your real feel­ings. Brace for “ar­rows of truth”. aquarius | JAN 20-FEB 17 You may have found the lat­est Mer­cury ret­ro­grade to be a non-stop bar­rage of de­mands on your cash cof­fers or even sense of ground­ing. But by the time Mer­cury is di­rect this weekend, you’re su­per-sorted. A de­cay­ing friend­ship may sur­prise you with an ag­gres­sive barb. pisces | FEB 18-MAR 19 The next two weeks favours Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and you. The full moon on Mars il­lu­mi­nates your biz and vo­ca­tional realm with clar­ity; you have no room for sen­ti­ment. As­sess the re­al­ity. You need an up-to-date, well-lit map to nav­i­gate this new ter­ri­tory. aries | MAR 20-APR 19 The sun into Gemini plus other as­tral as­sets re­store you to full-flow ge­nius. Be­ing Aries is be­ing able to gen­er­ate so­lu­tions for any­thing at warp speed. That — and agede­fy­ing glutes — are what de­fine you. How­ever, the full moon is your cau­tion against mes­sianic tantrums. taurus | APR 20-MAY 20 Watch the full moon over the weekend. It’s Mars boosted and a muck-raker. Think a la any of or all the fol­low­ing: clan­des­tine in­for­ma­tion, feel­ings re sex, debt/ shared $$$ flash­points, in-law is­sues, power im­bal­ances, toxic love tri­an­gles. Stay suave and guarded.

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