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Pre­oc­cu­pied though this new four-part se­ries is with de­li­cious, carb-laden food, the fo­cus on Dawn French’s ad­mit­tedly dra­matic weight loss seems a bit im­po­lite.

Here she plays Gina Benelli, the ex-wife of Leo Vin­cent ( Game of Thrones’ Iain Glen), a suc­cess­ful chef and ho­tel owner in Corn­wall who owes much of his suc­cess to rip­ping off her ex­cep­tional Si­cil­ian recipes.

(French lives in Corn­wall, is chan­cel­lor of Fal­mouth Uni­ver­sity in the county, and even has some fa­cil­ity with the Cor­nish lan­guage, fea­tur­ing in an on­line ad­ver­tise­ment for a lo­cal ice-cream com­pany ex­plain­ing some of the lo­cal lingo.)

Leo, with that arrogant man­ner seem­ingly per­mit­ted to suc­cess­ful chefs, has mar­ried the younger and more glam­orous Sam (Emilia Fox). Nat­u­rally, Sam as­sumes since he strayed from Gina, he may be stray­ing from her; ac­cord­ingly she keeps ea­gle eyes on all the wait staff. De­li­cious

Sam takes the sur­pris­ing step of con­fess­ing her fears to Gina, and asks what signs she might have seen pre­dict­ing his be­hav­iour. “There were none,” Gina tells her. Leo is cheat­ing. But it’s not what Sam imag­ines at all. And this episode prom­ises to end with a bang, so to speak.

Crit­i­cal opin­ion was mixed about season one but a spokesman for Sky said “De­li­cious de­liv­ered our largest av­er­age au­di­ence for a Sky 1 orig­i­nal drama in 2016”. Ac­cord­ingly it was re­newed for a sec­ond season, which has screened in Bri­tain.

(French, Glenn and Fox all chipped in with lam­en­ta­ble cook­ing puns such as wel­com­ing this “sec­ond help­ing”, “putting it back on the menu” and “cook­ing up some re­mark­able sto­ry­lines”.)

This se­ries is per­haps a tad darker than we are used to from the Vicar of Di­b­ley star, but en­joy­able view­ing none­the­less. tonight, 8.15pm, ABC.

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