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I know most read­ers turn to this page first, so a note about this week’s cover story. It’s on the Tree­house tri­umvi­rate Andy Grif­fiths, Terry Den­ton (the mad ones) and Jill Grif­fiths (the sane one). I spent a day with them in Mel­bourne and it was a lot of fun. It was il­lu­mi­nat­ing to dis­cuss the ten­sions be­tween an author, il­lus­tra­tor and edi­tor. And it was charm­ing to see Jill and Andy as such a con­nected, lov­ing cou­ple. We don’t see this of authors that much. A lot of interviews em­anate from their gar­rets. It’s nice at times to be re­minded they are or­di­nary peo­ple, with liv­ing rooms and kitchens and so on. The story be­gins on Page 8. And if you think in­ter­view­ing peo­ple re­spon­si­ble for books about berserk bums is child’s play, think again. Be­low is what hap­pens when you ask the tough ques­tions. The Sav­age Crows. Tas­ma­nian Abo­rig­ines

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