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Karate Kid se­quel’s got all the right chops

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Cobra Kai is hav­ing a mo­ment. Re­cently ranked the se­cond most pop­u­lar se­ries on the Aus­tralian it­er­a­tion of Netflix and al­ready a big hit in the US, the half-hour sen­sa­tion is the un­likely yet com­pletely log­i­cal se­quel of the Los An­ge­les-set 1984 teen sports drama The Karate Kid.

No less a sage than Roger Ebert be­gan his re­view of the 80s clas­sic by say­ing “I didn’t want to see” but pro­claimed “one of the nice sur­prises” of its year.

Watch­ing the orig­i­nal isn’t nec­es­sary to pre­pare, but it’s a fun way to re­con­nect with a film that has aged sur­pris­ingly well. It also al­lows a greater ap­pre­ci­a­tion of the mis­chie­vously comedic yet ut­terly re­spect­ful way in which a trio of cre­ators who bonded over the film as child­hood mates have com­bined a “where are they now?” adult drama with an in­creas­ingly over­heated comin­gof-age high school saga.

“Back in the day,” some­one says, “karate in the [San Fer­nando] val­ley was like football in Texas. And Daniel was a cham­pion.” Daniel is Daniel LaRusso (then, as now, Ralph Mac­chio), who started as a friend­less, picked-on New Jer­sey trans­plant but rose to a cham­pion of the sport by best­ing high school bully Johnny Lawrence (the re­turn­ing Wil­liam Zabka) for the golden tro­phy in the 1984 All Val­ley Un­der-18 karate tour­na­ment. He did this un­der the pre­cise tute­lage of his apart­ment build­ing’s cus­to­dian, Ok­i­nawa-born mar­tial arts master Nariyoshi Miyagi (Pat Morita). It was their im­prob­a­ble but un­de­ni­ably sweet friend­ship that sold the film, and Morita, who had al­ready es­tab­lished him­self in the pop­u­lar sit­com Happy Days and died in 2005, was Os­car-nom­i­nated for his per­for­mance.

Thirty-six years later, the 50ish Johnny is a seethingly re­sent­ful handy­man liv­ing in Reseda, while Daniel smiles down from road­side bill­boards as the cheer­ful and pros­per­ous front­man for the lo­cal used car-chain LaRusso Auto Group. Fate and the younger gen­er­a­tion bring them to­gether when a car bear­ing Daniel’s daugh­ter Sa­man­tha (Mary Mouser) smashes into Johnny’s and it is towed to her fa­ther’s flag­ship re­pair shop. In an epiphany, Johnny seeks an ini­tially mis­guided re­demp­tion by re­viv­ing Cobra Kai, the dojo in which he was trained by the ruth­less Kreese (Martin Kove, also back again), tak­ing on young Miguel (Xolo Mariduena) as his first pupil.

Mean­while, Daniel finds his own in­ter­est in the sport re­vived, and be­gins train­ing ju­ve­nile delin­quent Robby (Tan­ner Buchanan), un­aware that he is Johnny’s es­tranged son. The teenagers all go to the same high school, so while the first sea­son is an as­tute gen­er­a­tional re­work­ing of the movie’s plot, the se­cond amps up the ado­les­cent in­trigue and is capped by a knock­down, drag-out brawl the likes of which haven’t been seen since the cli­mac­tic shop­ping cen­tre melee in Jackie Chan’s 1985 ac­tion clas­sic Po­lice Story.

Cobra Kai cre­ators, ex­ec­u­tive pro­duc­ers, showrun­ners, writers and di­rec­tors Josh Heald, Hay­den Schloss­berg and Jon Hur­witz have been friends for more than two decades.

“We all ended up hav­ing sep­a­rate screen­writ­ing ca­reers,” Heald re­cently told an in­ter­viewer. “I did the Hot Tub Time Ma­chine movies and they did the Harold and Ku­mar se­ries. We al­ways kept com­ing back to Karate Kid … Stream­ing has taken over this abil­ity to tell this long, se­ri­alised story … It be­came more and more likely that some­thing like this could hit.”

And hit it has. The show orig­i­nally was pro­duced by YouTube Pre­mium, then Netflix ac­quired it and re­port­edly has a third sea­son fin­ished but as yet un­sched­uled. When re­leased, it will once again stand as one of its year’s nice sur­prises.

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(Mav, Rpt, CC) Morse’s in­tel­lect is taxed by a baf­fling sui­cide, an an­guished fa­ther search­ing for his daugh­ter and the rob­bery of An­glo-Saxon trea­sures, as he re­turns to Ox­ford City Po­lice fol­low­ing a four-month ab­sence. (CC) (PG, CC) (CC) Sir Ru­pert Clarke Stakes and Ge­orge Main Stakes. (CC)

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(PG, CC, UK) Rob Bell travels to Wales to find lost rail­ways that once pow­ered the world’s great­est slate in­dus­try.

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(PG, Rpt, CC) Martin’s ca­reer hangs in the bal­ance. (MA15+v, Rpt, CC)

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(CC) (Malv, Rpt, CC, US) Michael Moore ex­plores the so­cial, eco­nomic and po­lit­i­cal im­pact of the Trump pres­i­dency.

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 ??  ?? Wil­liam Zabka, left, and Ralph Mac­chio reprise their Karate Kid roles in Cobra Kai
Wil­liam Zabka, left, and Ralph Mac­chio reprise their Karate Kid roles in Cobra Kai

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