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So­lu­tions next week sun­day times 1222

Across: 1 Star­ship, 5 Acts up, 9 Ord­nance, 10 Cal­low, 12 Time­con­sum­ing, 14 Rung, 15 Black Maria, 17 Ad­min­is­ter, 19 Egad, 22 Hob­son’s choice, 24 In­tuit, 25 Tor­tilla, 26 Swathe, 27 Skip­pers

Down: 1 Short­bread, 2 Ab­domen, 3 Seance, 4 In con­clu­sion, 6 Charisma, 7 St Leger, 8 Paws, 11 Butcher’s hook, 13 Han­dle­bars, 16 Snob­bish, 18 Ma­hatma, 20 Ghillie, 21 Shut up, 23 Digs

1 2 truth-tell­ers or liars?

The new teacher has been warned that each of the stu­dents in his class is ei­ther an in­vet­er­ate liar or a strict truth-teller. In a bid to start dis­tin­guish­ing who is what,, he dis­cusses the prob­lem with the first three stu­dents he meets. Stu­dent A claims that “We are all liars”. Stu­dent B as­serts that “Only one of us is a Truth-teller”. Stu­dent C stub­bornly re­mains silent. What are stu­dents A, B and C?


Where we are at: 3 4

largest na­tive par­rots in Aus­tralia?



With which two bands did Joe Camil­leri have top 20 hits in Aus­tralia?


The names of which six US states con­tain the let­ter y?


Gen­er­ally speak­ing, what colour opal is the most valu­able?


Switzer­land’s Blanc­pain is said to be the world’s old­est sur­viv­ing brand of what?


What is the name of Stephe­nie Meyer’s lat­est book in the Twi­light se­ries?


In terms of land area what is the UK’s small­est over­seas ter­ri­tory?


Which chem­i­cal element has the high­est melt­ing point?

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