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Golden mo­ment

Cathy Free­man’s win at the Olympics was a win most Aussies will re­mem­ber with pride (“The race that changed Aus­tralia”, 12-13/9). Not be­cause she came from a cer­tain racial group but sim­ply be­cause she was a tal­ented Aus­tralian. Yes, she made a claim that her vic­tory was also the vic­tory for all Abo­rig­i­nal peo­ple. She was en­ti­tled to dis­play that emo­tion. She earned it … Merit alone car­ried Cathy through. Her eth­nic­ity did not get her the win — her dili­gence and ta­lent did. Ex­tract from com­ment by Ronald, Re­view on­line

Hands off my scone

I read Coun­try Women’s As­so­ci­a­tion judge Nelleke Gor­ton’s “How to Bake a Per­fect Scone” (12-13/9) and emit­ted a dry laugh. (Yikes, don’t men­tion “scones” and “dry” in the one sen­tence!) I’ll add this recipe to the 27 recipes al­ready stashed away for the “per­fect scone” — per­haps this one will bring home the ba­con.

Rose­mary O’Brien,

Ash­field, NSW

Woke war­riors, wor­ri­some The worst part is, academia is los­ing its stand­ing in the Western world be­cause it doesn’t al­low any­one out­side of a pre­scribed nar­ra­tive to have an opin­ion, even if it is ev­i­dence-based (“You can’t can­cel me”, 12-13/9). This modus operandi will only add to so­ci­eties’ dis­trust of academia and ul­ti­mately to a dumb­ing down of a so­ci­ety they claim they wish to ed­u­cate. A woke echo cham­ber is the last thing the pur­suit of truth needs.

Com­ment from Jim,

Re­view on­line

Cast­ing call

I lived in Asia for a decade; my wife is Asian and my son halfhalf. He found racism both over there and over here, and also found good friends in both coun­tries. I en­coun­tered some racism over there and my wife gets a lit­tle bit here. Peo­ple are tribal by nature. In the arts if you are re­ally good then you will even­tu­ally break through (“Spot­light on OzAsia Fes­ti­val artis­tic di­rec­tor An­nette Shun Wah”, 12-13/9). The lat­est woke movies are largely do­ing badly [at the] box of­fice; although tick­ing ev­ery PC box, few want to see them. Video might have killed the ra­dio star but woke cor­po­ra­tions are killing cre­ative arts.

Com­ment from Gary,

Re­view on­line

Canberra for­ever

Be­fore mov­ing to Canberra (“This (Wed­nes­day) Life”, 1213/9) in 1990 from Syd­ney the myth was “you only lived in Canberra to fur­ther your ca­reer”, usu­ally in the public ser­vice or mil­i­tary — I was nei­ther. In the six years I lived in Canberra I en­joyed it im­mensely. Wide streets, read­able street sig­nage, the war mu­seum, Flo­ri­ade, ex­cel­lent restau­rants and the beau­ti­ful lake, to name a few. Many of those forced to Canberra re­turned will­ingly in their re­tire­ment.

El­iz­a­beth Job­son,

Tam­borine Moun­tain, Qld

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