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When it comes to card play at bridge, the hu­man brain is hard-wired to cash aces and kings. I know, be­cause I see lots of be­gin­ners in ac­tion — right now, I am teach­ing two be­gin­ners’ cour­ses with a to­tal of about 700 stu­dents. (Don’t worry about so­cial dis­tanc­ing — it’s on­line.) When I present them with a hand like this

♠A65, ♥AK4, ♦KQJ10, ♣A42, along with in­struc­tions to es­tab­lish the di­a­monds, I can see them all nod­ding with un­der­stand­ing, yet when it comes to the play, the fin­gers some­how have a mind of their own. They can­not re­sist the urge to grab ev­ery ace in sight.

That should give you a gen­tle hint about how to play this deal. You are in four spades on the lead of the ace of hearts.

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