The Weekend Australian - Review : 2020-09-26

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“For over 40 years The Australian’s Annual Dozens offer an ideal, keenly priced way to explore the versatilit­y and skill of some of our country’s most talented winemakers. YOURS FREE In the following pages you’ll find a trio of irresistib­le Annual Dozen cases – the Select, Premium and Super Premium, with highscorin­g reds and whites offering a snapshot of the exceptiona­l quality of Australian winemaking today. On display are rising stars, establishe­d names, and diversity in region, vintage, variety and style across the board. I urge you to not miss this annual celebratio­n – and save between $114 and $634 on every dozen.” (James Halliday) worth $$30 WORTH 78.99 NEWARRIVAL You’ll find stars from Italy and the Clare Valley too, and a special FREE bottle with every order. James Halliday - The Australian WINE President SELECT DOZEN The Australian’s “The quality shines through in The Select Dozen, promising delicious drinking at a mere $15.99 a bottle” SAVE $119 Gold, 95pt Adelaide Hills rarity 92pt from Cherubino 96pt masterfull­y crafted Cabernet “Super drink” Cherubino Ad Hoc Hen & Chicken Chardonnay 2019 Dowie Doole McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 Hand Crafted Adelaide Hills Grüner Veltliner 2018 ɭ;WLd^ Z`_ ZY L NT_]`^ ^_ZYP Q]`T_ LYO NSL] R]TWWPO [TYPL[[WP _SPXP MZW^_P]PO Md RTYRP] ^[TNP LYO Q]T^Vd LNTOT_d _Z NWZ^P >`[P] O]TYV L_ _ST^ []TNP ɮ ɭ3TRS NWL^^ .LMP]YP_ Md LYd ^_LYOL]O^ T_^ aL]TP_LW Pc[]P^^TZY aP]d RZZO TYOPPO -WLNVN`]]LY_ ^LRP MWLNV ZWTaP Q]`T_ ɳ MLNVPO Md ʭYP ^LaZ`]d _LYYTY^ ɮ “Slatey acidity, hints of white pepper and a base of white fruits. It is also bred to stay.” A Gold medal, 95pt RPX Q]ZX 2PZʬ 3L]Od Gold, 92pt classic Tahbilk blend 92pt Margaret River “beautiful” 95pt top-vintage Margaret River Tahbilk Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier 2016 Evans & Tate Breathing Space Cabernet 2018 Domaine Naturalist­e Margaret River SBS 2018 ɭ2PYP]L_P^ `YPc[PN_PO [ZbP] LYO NZX[WPcT_d ɳ []P^PY_TYR LWW ^Z]_^ ZQ Q]`T_^ ʮZbP]^ ^[TNP^ RTYRP] LYO WPXZY ZY T_^ Q]PPbSPPWTYR [LWL_P ɮ ɭBSL_ L MPL`_TQ`W bTYP _Z O]TYVɳ MWLNVN`]]LY_ NSZNZWL_P aTZWP_^ LYO R`X Y`_^ ʮLaZ`]^ ^bTYRTYR PaP] ^Z [P]^`L^TaPWd _Z L ^L_T^QdTYR ʭYT^S ɮ “One of Margaret River’s greatest years for white wines ... this wine shows why … it does have its cake and eat it ɳ MZ_S Q]`T_ ʮLaZ`]^ LYO _Pc_`]P ɮ Multi-Gold, 92pt rare blend Lavish 95pt Barossa “fresh as a daisy” 94pt Trophy SBS from WA masters Zonte’s Footstep Canto Sangiovese Lagrein 2017 Schild Estate Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018 Willow Bridge Dragonfly Geographe SBS 2019 ɭ, MWPYO _SP MZ`\`P_ []ZXT^TYR L [W`^S XTc ZQ OL]V NSP]]d MP]]d ^[TNP LYO OL]V NSZNZWL_P bT_S LY `[WTQ_ ZQ eP^_d PL]_Sd YZ_P^ɳɮ ɭ8POT`X MZOTPO LYO Q]P^S L^ L OLT^dɳ ^SZbP] ZQ ]PO LYO OL]V NSP]]d Q]`T_^ 4_ NL]]TP^ T_^ XZOP^_ ZLV bT_S PL^P _SP _LYYTY^ [Z^T_TaP LYO MLWLYNPO ɮ “Willow Bridge nailed this blend many years ago … _SP aL]TP_LW ʮLaZ`]^ ɳ []P^PY_ _SPX^PWaP^ aP]d bPWW ɳ bT_S L R]LYO RP^_`]P ɳ ]PLWWd TY_PY^P ɮ 92pt Clare Shiraz Trophy, 93pt WA Shiraz “Sleek & glossy” 94pt Semillon from Hunter pioneers Pikes Eastside Clare Valley Shiraz 2016 Alkoomi Black Label Shiraz Viognier 2017 Dalwood Estate Hunter Valley Semillon 2018 ɭ,]ZXL^ LYO ʮLaZ`]^ ZQ [W`X LYO MW`PMP]]dɳ L QP]]Z`^ PL]_Sd \`LWT_d LOOTYR L XZ]P ^LaZ`]d TYʮPN_TZY [ZWT^SPO Md L WTRS_ aPYPP] ZQ ZLV ɮ ɭ7TNZ]TNP MWLNV NSP]]d LYO ZWTaP YZ_P^ N]ZZY _SPT] bLd _S]Z`RS _SP [LWL_P TY OPWTNTZ`^ ^_dWPɳ NZYaTYNTYR NZX[WPc LYO STRSWd PYUZdLMWP ɮ ɭ>`M_Wd Q]LR]LY_ bT_S ʮZ]LW^ LYO ^_ZYP Q]`T_ ?SP [LWL_P SL^ OP[_S WPYR_S LYO RPYP]Z^T_d ,[[]ZLNSLMWP YZb LYO OPWTNTZ`^ ɮ The Australian’s Select Mixed The Australian’s Select Reds The Australian’s Select Whites /ZePY -`WV .L^P^ /ZePY -`WV .L^P^ /ZePY -`WV .L^P^ $191.88 $367.98 $191.88 $367.98 $191.88 $367.98 M12920 M12922 M12924 M12921 M12923 M12925 SAVE UP TO $255 SAVE UP TO $266 SAVE UP TO $244 $15.99 a bottle $15.99 a bottle $15.99 a bottle 1300 734 924 Go to or call 2

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