The Weekend Australian - Review : 2020-09-26

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PREMIUM DOZEN The Australian’s 96pt Great Value Adelaide Hills 94pt Frankland Riesling “intense” All have scores of 94-97 points. Eight of the wines are also rated ‘Great Value’ Pike & Joyce Sirocco Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2017 Frankland Estate Isolation Ridge Riesling 2019 “Establishe­s its class in a split second … a bow wave of white peach and grapefruit … lifted on the start by L STY_ ZQ LWXZYO ɳ ʭYPWd U`ORPO LNTOT_d ɮ ɭ, ʮLaZ`] ^[PN_]`X ZQ R]L[PQ]`T_ [`W[ WPXZY eP^_ QPYYPW LYO WPXZYR]L^^ 8Z]P NT_]TN SP]MLW LYO bP_ ^_ZYP ^WL_d -ZOP^ bPWW QZ] L M]TRS_ WZYR Q`_`]P ɮ All are from top-performing, acclaimed wineries. Nine are 5 Red Stars (my highest rating) 94pt 94pt, single vineyard Yarra rarity Hunter Valley Semillon Leogate Creek Bed Reserve Hunter Semillon 2017 De Bortoli The Estate Dixons Creek Pinot Blanc 2019 ɭ,[[WP ^_PPW LYO NT_]`^ ʮLaZ`]^ ]`Y SL]XZYTZ`^Wd _S]Z`RS _SP [LWL_P MWZ^^ZXd YZ_P^ ʮT__P]TYR _S]Z`RSZ`_ $ [_^ 2]PL_ ALW`P ɮ “Often compared to Chardonnay, but… more in common with Fiano … with its approachab­le citrus, N`_ [PL] ^[TNP LYO []P__d ʮZ]LW^ ɮ Two Gold, 94pt Sauvignon 97pt Eden Chardonnay A who’s who of Australia’s premium regions and estates “Lovely” Dandelion ‘Wishing Clock’ Sauvignon 2019 Mountadam High Eden Estate Chardonnay 2016 “Sophistica­ted … eschewing the usual bane of sweet/sour tropical fruit LY PʬZ]_WP^^ ʮZb ZQ R]PPYRLRP YP__WP PaP]R]PPY LYO ^_]PbY SP]M ɮ ɭ:YP ZQ _SP MP^_ []ZO`NPO ɳ ʮ`TO R]LNP LYO PʬZ]_WP^^ [ZbP] ɳ ^_ZYP Q]`T_ bST_P [PLNS R]L[PQ]`T_ ^[PN_]`X 7ZaPWd bTYP ɮ (for) NT_]`^ Coriole Estate Balderston­e Shiraz Mataro 2017 FREE Plus SAVE $329 The Australian’s PREMIUM DOZEN with any order from this brochure. on our special 24-bottle Bulk Deal 8TcPO NL^P 1 bottle of each wine as shown 2 bottles of each wine as shown $487.98 $249.99 worth M12927 M12926 $30 SAVE $329 SAVE $158 $20.34 a bottle $20.84 a bottle ,WW XTcPO NL^P^ L]P OPWTaP]PO bT_S _L^_TYR YZ_P^ ZY PLNS bTYYTYR bTYP 1300 734 924 Go to or call 4

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