The Weekend Australian - Review : 2020-09-26

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Welcome to Southern Italy’s finest cellar Cantine due Palme – home to the Pillastro family of wines . SAVE $99 Puglia offers “undreamed-of character and potential...” (Hugh Johnson) The Pillastro Family Dozen $15.49 a bottle As shown above … and “reds that give you a lot of wine for your money” $185.88 code M13453 The real Pillastro family – the pickers and winemakers of Cantine Due Palme (Decanter). Cantine Due Palme, home to Pillastro, is its most acclaimed winery. Big reds made from prized local varieties Primitivo and Negroamaro are the speciality here, and Pillastro Primitivo is our bestsellin­g Italian red. Customers love its richness, warmth and bold, ripe fruit. It is a global bestseller with a long, illustriou­s, medal-winning history, and this 2019 boasts two Golds and 90 points from the prestigiou­s Luca Maroni Guide. Today it’s joined by three impressive family members and you’re invited to meet them all. Pillastro Selezione d’Oro is a no-expense spared, Rolls Royce edition crafted from a sumptuous blend of old vine Primitivo and Negroamaro. Looking for an ideal aperitivo or seafood match, then enjoy the silky fresh Pillastro Fiano. Then there’s the rare Pillastro Susumaniel­lo. In local dialect Susumaniel­lo roughly translates to referring to the massive amounts of aroma and flavour in this rare Puglian grape. Serve in big glasses and savour big, deep, smoky flavours. “loaded like a donkey”, Enjoy individual­ly or together in the mixed case above and SAVE $99. $21 $13.99 Lavish Gold-edition Pillastro Mighty TWO-GOLD Primitivo a bottle Pillastro Selezione d’Oro 2019, Pillastro Primitivo 2019, Puglia IGT, Italy Puglia IGP, Italy ORDER 12 ORDER 12 $221.88 $110.94 $167.88 $83.94 12 btls $347.88 6 btls $173.94 code code C0307819 B0307819 12 btls $252.00 6 btls $126.00 code code C0016919 B0016919 $126 SAVE $84 SAVE $20 Fresh, finely textured Fiano Impressive Puglian rarity $13.99 a bottle Pillastro Fiano 2019 Pillastro Susumaniel­lo 2019 Salento IGP, Italy Puglia IGP, Italy ORDER 12 ORDER 12 $167.88 $83.94 $191.88 $95.94 12 btls $240.00 6 btls $120.00 code code C2646819 B2646819 12 btls $299.88 6 btls $149.94 code code C1893518 B1893518 $72 SAVE $108 SAVE 1300 734 924 Go to or call 7

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