Pol­i­tics, not science

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Mal­colm Turn­bull be­lieves the Paris cli­mate ac­cord is not as­pi­ra­tional, mean­ing that as well as be­ing Prime Min­is­ter of this coun­try, he is also just another sci­en­tif­i­cally un­aware politi­cian who im­plic­itly be­lieves the last thing told him by the likes of cli­mate alarmist Alan Finkel or the Cli­mate Coun­cil’s Tim Flan­nery, who are part of a co­terie of rent seek­ers around the globe who be­lieve de­car­bon­i­sa­tion of a na­tion’s economy is a good thing.

Vast amounts of ex­cel­lent in­de­pen­dent science is flow­ing into rep­utable jour­nals that show the ba­sic claims of cli­mate alarmism are over­stated, ma­nip­u­lated and in many cases sim­ply fraud­u­lent, con­firm­ing what real sci­en­tists ev­ery­where have known for a long time — that cli­mate mod­els will never match with the re­al­ity of ob­served data, and that the In­ter-gov­ern­men­tal Panel on Cli­mate Change and the Paris ac­cord are merely in­stru­ments of wealth trans­fer to de­vel­op­ing na­tions.

In Turn­bull’s back­yard, the tem­per­a­tures of to­day are the same as when of­fi­cers of the First Fleet took mea­sure­ments at Ob­ser­va­tory Hill, and sea lev­els along our east coast have re­mained sta­tion­ary since 1850. The Paris ac­cord is based on pol­i­tics, not science, and this gov­ern­ment de­means and harms Aus­tralia by be­ing part of it. G. M. Der­rick, Sher­wood, Qld

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