Alex Turnbull: po­lit­i­cal stir­rer or du­ti­ful son?

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As if Dave Sharma hasn’t enough on his plate in try­ing to hold Went­worth for the Lib­er­als, along comes Nick Greiner to cut the ground from un­der his feet with the calumny that Sharma was of the cal­i­bre of Mal­colm Turnbull. The slur is made marginally less ob­jec­tion­able by the lu­di­crous equa­tion of Turnbull with Bob Hawke.

Hawke had all the points, neg­a­tive and pos­i­tive, of a work­horse while Turnbull had all the use­less­ness of a show pony. The in­ter­ven­tion of Alex Turnbull, may not be such a neg­a­tive (“Don’t vote for Libs: Turnbull’s son”, 12/10). His rel­e­vance has not been es­tab­lished and, any­way, like a du­ti­ful son, he is only stick­ing up for Dad. Frank Puls­ford, As­p­ley, Qld Be­cause Alex Turnbull does not live in this coun­try, his opin­ion is ir­rel­e­vant. His father Mal­colm was the most di­vi­sive mem­ber of the Lib­eral Party, and ex­hib­ited zero po­lit­i­cal acu­men. In my opin­ion and that of many other of my friends, he was the worst Lib­eral prime min­is­ter in his­tory. That makes Billy McMa­hon roll in his grave clap­ping his hands in glee.

The ap­ple seems to have fallen very close to the tree in Alex’s case as his bit­ter­ness and born-to-rule men­tal­ity clearly shows — as it did with his father. Garry Outh­waite, Crest­mead, Qld With the sur­vival of the Coali­tion govern­ment hang­ing on its suc­cess next Satur­day it’s a puz­zle why the me­dia is re­luc­tant to high­light the La­bor am­bi­tions of Mal­colm Turnbull. Surely con­ser­va­tives in Went­worth are en­ti­tled to know and read the 2015 story about Mal­colm Turnbull be­ing a La­bor stooge. It’s so riv­et­ing and dam­ag­ing, any de­fence of the Turnbull le­gacy should turn to ashes at the bal­lot box. Kevin Be­gaud, Dee Why, NSW What a can of worms there is in this Went­worth by-elec­tion. I doubt I’ve seen a con­test where some are striv­ing to lose. Even if half try­ing, they’re more in­ter­ested in where the vot­ers will place preferences. Rose­mary O’Brien, Ge­orges Hall, NSW Alex Turnbull’s Went­worth video will miss its in­tended mark, rather con­firm­ing the ge­netic prin­ci­ple of in­her- ited char­ac­ter­is­tics. But it will serve to il­lu­mi­nate what the govern­ment has rid it­self of — with a re­newal ev­i­dent un­der Scott Mor­ri­son who is what Mal­colm Turnbull wasn’t — com­mu­nica­tive with ease, a com­mon man com­fort­able with com­mon men and women, ar­tic­u­late, passionate, hold­ing a vi­sion for the na­tion, com­mon­sen­si­cal, fiercely Aus­tralian and highly in­tel­li­gent. Phillip Nehmy, Noosa Heads, Qld Hell hath no fury like a fam­ily scorned with Alex Turnbull’s claim that the Lib­eral Party has been taken over by ex­trem­ists on the right, and that vot­ers in Went­worth should whack it ac­cord­ingly.

If the ex­trem­ists are in charge, how is it that se­nior mod­er­ates who were mem­bers of Mal­colm Turnbull’s min­istry are re­tained in Scott Mor­ri­son’s cabinet in port­fo­lios of ar­guably higher rank? Kim Keogh, East Fre­man­tle, WA Aside from con­firm­ing he is as ob­nox­ious as his father, Alex Turnbull, in his call for Went­worth vot­ers to boy­cott the Lib­er­als, also con­firms he is just as left-lean­ing and bit­ter as his father. Nei­ther should be con­nected to the Lib­er­als, but join the La­bor Party and link up with John Hew­son, an­other bit­ter ex-Lib­eral. We don’t need peo­ple like these, who base their self­ish wants above the coun­try. C. Dicker, Bracken Ridge, Qld Like father, like son — the Turn­bulls are bit­ter and twisted losers. It of­ten hap­pens that some peo­ple can’t see where they went wrong — ev­ery­one else is to blame. You would also ex­pect any son to pro­tect his old man.

Turnbull ju­nior should get a re­al­ity check: his old man was a fail­ure as prime min­is­ter and he suf­fered the con­se­quences. Turnbull blud­geoned his way to the top job, leav­ing Bren­dan Nel­son and Tony Ab­bott in his wake along the way. Now both Turn­bulls are do­ing their best to de­stroy the party that, in its failed wis­dom, gave Turnbull se­nior the op­por­tu­nity to etch his name in his­tory, as wrongly placed that may be.

Henry Ford once said “Fail­ure is sim­ply the op­por­tu­nity to be­gin again; this time more in­tel­li­gently”. John Ge­orge, Ter­ri­gal, NSW Why are we giv­ing any at­ten­tion to the IPCC’s long-winded re­port? These rec­om­men­da­tions, handed down by a panel of bu­reau­crats, de­mand that Aus­tralians cur­tail coal-based pro­duc­tion and throw fur­ther billions of dollars into sub­si­dies for in­ter­mit­tent re­new­ables and hand­outs to Third World na­tions that are of­ten gov­erned by em­bez­zlers. We did not vote for any of these peo­ple. Gabrielle Lord, Rand­wick, NSW In­creased im­mi­gra­tion cre­ates wealth? Only the right im­mi­gra­tion does. Cen­tre­link pays spousal ben­e­fits to some fam­i­lies with mul­ti­ple wives. How many work? Re­search in­di­cates about 80 per cent are still on wel­fare af­ter years in Aus­tralia. Hardly a recipe to slow down a bur­geon­ing na­tional debt. Peter Troy, Kingston, Tas The Malaysian govern­ment of­ten comes in for crit­i­cism, but would de­serve praise if it goes ahead with plans to abol­ish cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment. Norm Neill, Dar­linghurst, NSW

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