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Gfans finally got what they’ve been wait­ing for when four new episodes of the se­ries were re­leased on Net­flix two weeks ago. But af­ter view­ers gob­bled up those 90-minute in­stall­ments, they asked: Now what?

The show’s much-hyped fi­nal four words left things open-ended for the fast-talk­ing, pop­cul­ture lov­ing, cof­fee-and junk-food ob­sessed mother-daugh­ter duo played by Lau­ren Gra­ham and Alexis Bledel.

Matt Czuchry who played Lo­gan, one of Bledel’s love in­ter­ests, says he doesn’t think it ended on a cliff-hanger.

“For me, when you look at ev­ery­thing in its en­tirety and you look at the seven sea­sons and you look at these new four chap­ters, to me it’s full cir­cle. To me it is much more ... an end­ing than a cliff-hanger,” he said in a re­cent in­ter­view.

Czuchry talked about whether he thinks there could be more of the Gil­mores, re­unit­ing with Bledel and whether we’ll see him on

a new orig­i­nal se­ries from the cre­ators of his for­mer se­ries,

Can you see how some fans would see the end­ing of as a cliff-hanger?

I can un­der­stand how some peo­ple think that the last four words feel like a cliff-hanger, cer­tainly it can feel that maybe in the be­gin­ning when you first hear those words you’re like, ‘Oh! What? That’s the end?’ ... What I like about it is it’s open-ended like life is. We don’t have all the an­swers in life and fans don’t have all the an­swers to those questions, but that’s the way life works and so I like that about it.

Do you think there’s any pos­si­bil­ity there could be more episodes?

If fans do want to see more af­ter this jour­ney ... af­ter those last four words, it means we all did our jobs well. If they were tired of it, if they didn’t want any more and they were done with it, then we’d be hav­ing a dif­fer­ent con­ver­sa­tion. So if fans want to have more, that’s great. I love this char­ac­ter of Lo­gan. I love this world. It’s so unique. (Se­ries creator, ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer Amy (Sher­man-Pal­ladino) and (ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer) Dan (Pal­ladino) and their writ­ing, it’s so fast­paced, it’s so spe­cific, the world that they’ve cre­ated in Stars Hol­low with all these char­ac­ters is in­cred­i­ble. ... For me, if there is more or there’s more talks about it and I’m asked, that’s cer­tainly some­thing that I’m gonna look at be­cause I love Amy and Dan, I love Lo­gan, and I love this world that they’ve cre­ated.

Was it dif­fi­cult to re­sume the char­ac­ter nine years later?

What was nice with this is I had some time to pre­pare, we did ta­ble reads. It was over the phone. Also, what was nice was in 2015 when we did the Austin Tele­vi­sion Fes­ti­val, I watched all the episodes Lo­gan was in, not know­ing there would ever be new sto­ries to tell, but what hap­pened with that is I got in touch with that char­ac­ter. When I showed up on set with Alexis it was like we had never left. What about CBS’ spin-off,

(The se­ries will be­gin stream­ing on its CBS All Ac­cess ser­vice on Feb. 19.) Will we see your char­ac­ter Cary Agos at all?

There haven’t been any con­ver­sa­tions on ei­ther side so I’m not sure on that. You’ve had two TV shows with two great roles. How do you feel about that? I’m in­cred­i­bly grate­ful for both of those shows, both of those char­ac­ters be­cause I know how rare it is.

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