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On bal­anc­ing rocks

Along with bal­anc­ing rocks (CP, 25/8), park­ing needs to be pro­vided on the west­ern side of road at bridge over Mow­bray River with an en­closed walk­way on west­ern side of bridge. This is a tourist area, get with the pro­gram.

Toorizm Werka, White Rock

Damien Set­tle. You’ve got no re­spect for tra­di­tional Abo­rig­i­nal lands and if I was an Irukaadji per­son I would knock down the mon­strosi­ties you call art.

LB-G, Bun­ga­low

Yes, ma­jor po­lit­i­cal par­ties, you are on no­tice. We are over your failed poli­cies on cli­mate change, im­mi­gra­tion, safe schools, over­seas aid, failed health, failed en­ergy, Watch the rise of the three mi­nor par­ties.

Don, Ear­lville

On other mat­ters

Can I sug­gest Ju­lian Tom­lin­son (CP, 24/8) spend six months in a Syr­ian refugee camp in Jor­dan and see how he sur­vives be­fore com­ment­ing that we should not be ac­cept­ing any more refugees. Per­haps a lit­tle more tol­er­ance is re­quired.

John, Cairns

Ju­lian Tom­lin­son (CP, 24/8). An­other weekly beat up in ex­treme right-wing po­lit­i­cal scare­mon­ger­ing. The fact is it’s counter pro­duc­tive and plays into the hands of rad­i­cals, as Larissa Wa­ters has pointed out. Both our ma­jor po­lit­i­cal par­ties have bi­par­ti­san views on se­cu­rity mat­ters for Aus­tralia and doubt they will be spooked by red­neck rhetoric.

Demo­crat, Cairns

Good on the two coun­cils for start­ing the ball rolling re­gard­ing a more suit­able date for Aus­tralia Day. While no-one would deny that Cap­tain Cook’s “dis­cov­ery” and the land­ing of the first fleet are im­por­tant mile­stones in this na­tion’s his­tory, a date needs to also recog­nise the peo­ple and their cul­ture that ex­isted prior to these events.

Lind­say, Fresh­wa­ter

Have we seen any proof that Sen­a­tor Wong has re­nounced her Malaysian cit­i­zen­ship or that Tanya Plibersek has re­nounced her Slove­nian cit­i­zen­ship? Ask­ing, be­cause we’re not as close with Malaysia and Slove­nia, as we are with Bri­tain and New Zealand.

Higgs, Tolga

Hey Kev. (CP, 25/8) If Cook is so sa­cred in our his­tory why is he 50 feet high, painted ma­roon and ad­ver­tis­ing pok­ies in Cairns?

Oli. EdgeHill

Now that Steve Ban­non has de­parted the White House, can we ex­pect him to join the Cairns Post’s ca­bal of right wing colum­nists (apologies to Susie O’Brien).

Seb, Cairns

Steven Miles (CP, 24/8). Big note your­self all you want about catch­ing crocs. The only way to make wa­ters safe is to shoot them un­til they learn to keep away from hu­man habi­ta­tion. They may have been here first but we have the guns.

Bill, Mooroo­bool

When are push­bikes go­ing to be banned from Port Dou­glas and Kuranda roads? Their dan­ger­ous be­hav­iour put the rest of us at risk of an ac­ci­dent. Ride your bikes where there is some room.

B, Edge Hill

Mat­ters raised in Queens­land par­lia­ment this week show dis­turb­ing sim­i­lar­i­ties to the bad old days be­fore the Fitzger­ald In­quiry.

An­thony, Manoora

DRAW­CARD: One reader be­lieves these bal­anc­ing rocks at Wangetti should be de­vel­oped into a tourist at­trac­tion with park­ing and en­closed walk­ways.

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