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It’s time to change or die

THE de­ci­sion about same sex mar­riage has noth­ing to do with pol­i­tics or re­li­gion and ev­ery­thing to do with evo­lu­tion.

A species which re­fuses to change ac­cord­ing to en­vi­ron­men­tal de­mands will surely wither and die, over­run by the more ad­ven­tur­ous.

We, as a species, must re­spond to so­cial stim­u­la­tion as well as en­vi­ron­men­tal and evolve as hu­mans through di­ver­si­fi­ca­tion while, most im­por­tantly, main­tain­ing ba­sic hu­man rights as the scaf­fold for hu­man­ity’s ever-chang­ing coat of many colours.

That’s evo­lu­tion, baby. Chris Wighton, Strat­ford

Crush these rock stars

I HAVE a sug­ges­tion on what to do with the bal­anc­ing rocks at Wangetti Beach (ac­tu­ally called cairns).

My idea is to set up a rock crush­ing and screen­ing plant there. Load up the rocks and crush them. Then the crushed rock can be used for road re­pairs and no­body can build cairns any­more.

So you’ll be killing two birds with one stone, but ob­vi­ously there will be more than one stone that gets crushed. No birds will be killed ei­ther. Glen Snelling, Tolga

All you need is love

PLEASE, in this SSM de­bate, let’s stick with the is­sue, not the di­ver­sions. Stop the scare­mon­ger­ing.

It is only about adults want­ing the right to choose whether they make the same dec­la­ra­tion to the world as do het­ero­sex­u­als when they marry, that this is the per­son they want to be recog­nised as the per­son they love and with whom they want to spend their life.

It is not about the sep­a­rate de­bate about non-com­pul­sory sex-ed­u­ca­tion or a busi­ness’s right to refuse ser­vice to any­one with­out giv­ing a rea­son.

Most par­ents hope that their chil­dren will grow to adults, fall in love, marry, share happy lives with a sup­port­ive part­ner through good times and bad.

They re­alise that it is the adult’s right to choose whether they con­nect to a re­li­gion or not, whom they want as a part­ner, whether or not they have chil­dren.

Why is that dif­fer­ent for the gay child born to them? Don’t they have the same rights, choices and chance of hap­pi­ness? Carolyn Un­win, Manoora

Croc stocks and gun bar­rels

NI­COLA (CP, 9/9) as­serts that shoot­ing crocs doesn’t guar­an­tee croc-free swim­ming, but that’s his­tor­i­cally in­cor­rect.

In the big wet sea­sons of the 1970s the Bar­ron River Ca­noe Club trained at Lake Placid every day.

There were no crocs there then. Crocs had learned that we were the peak preda­tor and stayed well away. The only places ca­noeists saw crocs were the rivers from Dain­tree north and tiny spec­i­mens in Trin­ity In­let.

When we stopped shoot­ing crocs they “for­got” to be scared of us and re­sumed their an­cient role as peak preda­tors. The prac­ti­cal out­come is that gree­nie hand-wringers suc­cess­fully de­moted our species from “diner” to “din­ner”. The ques­tion is whether this was an “un­in­tended con­se­quence” or not. Peter Cam­pion, Tolga

ROAD FILL: One reader sug­gests crush­ing Wangetti’s bal­anc­ing rocks.

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