Cli­mate is be­yond hu­man con­trol

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Ge­orge Gout­eff (Let­ters, Au­gust 30) need not fear for his grand­chil­dren. This planet has seen and sur­vived much worse than our im­pend­ing dose of cli­mate change.

There have been many, many of these events, and it is sim­ply the planet breath­ing. How­ever, Earth has be­come in­fested with a highly in­tel­li­gent species which has be­come so pam­pered and ex­ists in such com­fort, it has ig­nored his­tory and be­come ar­ro­gant enough to be­lieve it can con­trol the cli­mate.

Once all the doom­say­ers have been proven wrong and fi­nally ad­mit that we will never win a fight with the Sun, per­haps then we will be­gin to use our in­ge­nu­ity in putting our re­sources into dam­age mit­i­ga­tion, move our cities to higher ground and de­velop dwellings suit­able for life on a planet with a slightly higher tem­per­a­ture.

We are, af­ter all, talk­ing of a 3C in­crease. Hu­mans ex­ist quite hap­pily un­der ex­tremes of tem­per­a­ture right now. Con­sider de­part­ing Siberia when it is -50C, and ar­riv­ing in Perth 24 hours later to be greeted by 46C, and sur­viv­ing.

Whilst an in­crease of 3C will change the phys­i­cal face of Earth and some species will not sur­vive, it is most cer­tainly all quite nat­u­ral.

Hu­mans will not be go­ing ex­tinct and our grand­chil­dren, and their grand­chil­dren too, have a bright and healthy fu­ture.

Colin White, Bayswa­ter

Union­ists just like us

Like An­drew Bolt, Paul Mur­ray (Opin­ion, Au­gust 30) ap­pears to think mem­bers of the MUA and CFMEU are demons with horns and forked tails ready to de­stroy so­ci­ety.

They are ac­tu­ally mem­bers of our so­ci­ety, home­buy­ers, su­per­mar­ket shop­pers, peo­ple who send their kids to school, in fact they are just like you. They hap­pen to be mem­bers of strong unions that look af­ter work­ers and have won ex­cel­lent work­ing con­di­tions in jobs that in the past were dirty, dan­ger­ous and poorly paid.

Should this Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment be voted back in, things will get worse for those with­out strong unions — wit­ness the re­duc­tion in week­end penalty rates.

Many high-rank­ing union mem­bers have played politics, but the ma­jor­ity of union of­fi­cials are ded­i­cated and hard­work­ing and aim to get a good deal for their mem­bers.

As for po­lit­i­cal donors and pay-to-meet lunches with politi­cians, the Libs are hardly blame­less in this as­pect. We need to do away with all do­na­tions and let the elec­torate de­cide on the mer­its of what par­ties have achieved for the ben­e­fit of the coun­try.

Ge­off Dun­stone, Palmyra

Get over your­self, Mick

I, like many oth­ers I’m sure, can­not be­lieve this La­bor Gov­ern­ment is al­low­ing rugby league to be played as the open­ing sport at the new Perth Sta­dium.

To be told by Sport Min­is­ter Mick Mur­ray “to get over it” (News, 30/8) is a joke. Mick, you need to get over your­self and the self-right­eous, ar­ro­gant at­ti­tude. Don’t treat West Aus­tralians with con­tempt.

The sta­dium would not have even been built if it had been up to your party, yet it will be one of the great­est as­sets WA will have.

Yes, it should be used for all sorts of ac­tiv­i­ties. How­ever, AFL footy is the rea­son it is there in the first place and an AFL match should be the open­ing sport­ing event.

It’s a dis­grace that you have al­lowed rugby league — which hardly rates in WA com­pared with AFL — to be played within weeks of the open­ing of the AFL sea­son. How about act­ing with a sense of his­tory and do­ing the right thing?

Terry Buller, Bun­bury

Aus­tralia Day date

Jan­uary 26 is not ap­pro­pri­ate for Aus­tralia Day. It only no­tates the ar­rival of con­vict ships to NSW. The rest of the con­ti­nent at that time was New Hol­land.

The name Aus­tralia for the whole con­ti­nent was pro­posed by Matthew Flin­ders in 1804 and ap­proved by Bri­tain in 1824. Other colonies, be­com­ing States at var­i­ous times, ul­ti­mately con­sti­tuted the whole of Aus­tralia.

Fed­er­a­tion of the States was es­tab­lished on the procla­ma­tion of Queen Vic­to­ria on Septem­ber 17, 1900 and be­came the Com­mon­wealth of Aus­tralia on Jan­uary 1, 1901.

Some more rel­e­vant time would be ap­pro­pri­ate for Aus­tralia Day

N.J. Cor­nish, Su­bi­aco

Sonic sea­son­ing

An Ox­ford pro­fes­sor sug­gests wind chimes could be the se­cret to en­cour­ag­ing fussy kids to eat their greens. (News, Au­gust 30).

Surely, pro­fes­sors aren’t paid to come up with these al­most ridicu­lous the­o­ries. If they are, all I can say is what is the world com­ing to when there are much big­ger fish to fry at present. Lena McKenna, North Beach

AFL should be sta­dium’s opener.

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