Read­ers use news­pa­pers to start their day


Although news­pa­pers work across the day (39% of read­ers read be­tween mid­day and 6pm, and 21% read a news­pa­per after 6pm), most read­ing is done in the morn­ing. Two out of five news­pa­per read­ers (41%) read a news­pa­per be­tween 6am and 9am, and 71 per cent of read­ers read a news­pa­per be­fore mid­day.

TV view­ing is dif­fer­ent. Most view­ing is done in the evenings, with 92% of view­ers on any given day watch­ing in prime­time (6-10.30 pm). Only 30 per cent of view­ers watch from 6-9am, and 20 per cent be­tween 9am to mid­day.

This em­pha­sis on how peo­ple use me­dia across the day can be used strate­gi­cally when plan­ning ad­ver­tis­ing. A cam­paign launched in the evening on TV can be con­tin­ued and re­in­forced the fol­low­ing morn­ing in news­pa­pers, reach­ing the au­di­ence when they’re fresh and ready to plan their day.

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