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- are the main mea­sure of ad­ver­tis­ing ROI and lo­cal news­pa­pers are proven to drive shop­pers in-store.

The range of ac­tions vary de­pend­ing on the ad – a spe­cial hot­line.

For bricks-and-mor­tar re­tail of course. Re­cent re­search pub­lish­ing busi­ness owned by how pow­er­ful lo­cal news­pa­pers are in at­tract­ing cus­tomers in­store4.

in-store seek­ing what was fea­tured in a sale ad in their lo­cal news­pa­per. An­other two-thirds a sim­i­lar num­ber will visit an ad­ver­tiser’s web­site. was the fact its branch man­agers all owned their fran­chise, rather than work­ing for a big cor­po­ra­tion. So, they had real skin in the game and would care more about their cus­tomers.

repo­si­tion­ing, BoQ ran full-page press ads star­ring Owner-Man­agers who de­clared why they’d joined the bank and what they hoped to achieve. likely to visit a store or busi­ness be­cause of a news­pa­per ad com­pared with one seen on lo­cal TV and al­most twice as likely as let­ter­box cata for lo­cal TV). More than ten times as likely to en­quire about a prod­uct or ser­vice as a re­sult of a news­pa­per ad com­pared with out­door ad­ver­tis­ing out­door ad­ver­tis­ing). More than three times as pos­i­tively dis­posed to­wards news­pa­per ad­ver­tis­ers than those that ad­ver­tise via let- Re­gional news­pa­per

read­ers are7 Twice as likely to have en­quired about a prod­uct or ser­vice be­cause of a news­pa­per ad than one played on lo­cal ra­dio. vis­ited a store or busi­ness be­cause of a news­pa­per ad vs lo­cal TV. Three times more likely to keep de­tails of a news­pa­per ad than they are from let Sources

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