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Top Gear (UK) - - CONTENTS - a land craft air cush­ion. Which, to you and me, is the big­gest hov­er­craft ever

What on earth is this?

It’s a gi­ant hov­er­craft and am­phibi­ous as­sault craft for trans­port­ing tanks and troops from ship to shore. It’s also armed, so you prob­a­bly don’t want to mess with it.

Re­ally ?

The im­age above is not some Pho­to­shop fan­tasy. It was taken in May by se­nior chief gas tur­bine sys­tem tech­ni­cian Micheal Mac­don­ald, on Vir­ginia Beach in the United States.

It looks quite se­ri­ous…

It can carry 75 tonnes and ac­cess 70 per cent of the world’s coast­line, at con­sid­er­able speed. Which makes it an ex­cel­lent way to ruin a beach pic­nic in north Devon.

Is it new?

It’s been around since the early Eight­ies, and a to­tal of 91 have been made so far. Most of those have had a re­cent up­grade to ex­tend their life by another decade or so.

Is it pow­er­ful?

It has four gas tur­bines – all of which con­trib­ute to lift and propul­sion – mak­ing a to­tal of 16,000 horse­pow­ers. That’s roughly dou­ble the power of TopGear’s mag­nif­cent Hover­van.

What’s the ver­dict, then?

TopGear likes hov­er­things. And beach land­ings. And am­phibi­ous stuf. So how could we not get all lath­ered up over an am­phi-hover-lan­der with guns and ev­ery­thing?

Com­ing soon to an axis of evil state near you...

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